So maybe you’re just here for a random read, or maybe you’re here looking for something that would be worth your wallet. Well, I have to admit, at first I was just here to write a review until this side just convinced me to be an honorary member. I’ll try to be as neutral as possible though. So the site’s gonna do a lot of sex scenes in a different kind of imitation. Because the girls here aren’t gonna be like, pick up girls or girlfriends or anything like that. Instead, it’ll be Real Estate Agents that are so hot, you might even drop your mouse once you see them.

I don’t know, they just have this immature girl vibe around them, really hot if you ask me. But what’s really nice is that they’re really trying their best to be as mature as possible. Sadly, not working though. We can see through their eyes that fucking lust for hardcore fucking. Sorry if I’m spoiling you this early on, just can’t help it. ANYWAYS. We’ll be getting down through a lot of the nice aspects that this site has as well as the stuff that would really make your money’s worth or even more! This is PropertySex, working its way through your door my friends! These are homemade sex in its finest hours, right in the palm of your screens!

High quality porn site for sexy fresh girls.

Design and Features

So let’s get down to business shall we fellas? I know we all need more hardcore in our porn today so I’ll have to say that today is your lucky day. Delving inside the Homepage you’ll be seeing something that would just stun you on your seats. A whole fucking collection of videos that was arranged by popularity. The stars also indicate how popular they really are. But that’s not the one I’m talking about that would totally stun you right there! It is the very animations of the videos themselves! I know that you thought you’ve already seen this before. But not this one. Remember when you hover your mouse over the thumbnails of the porn videos from other pornsites and you see the video moving or switching from one place to another? Well in PropertySex, instead of just one random scene to another when you hover your mouse on top of them, you’ll be seeing all the pictures, move like an actual video! That’s just fucking awesome man.

Talk about actual previews! That way you’ll definitely know what you’re getting when you click that video! Also, there’s another feature I’d like you to remember. It is the Add to Favorites feature. This thing lets you select a video and add it to your favorites and there’s this category called favorites that’s made just for you. It basically compiles all the videos you’ve tagged so far. That’s just pretty amazing because you know us porn lovers would love having to watch our favored sex scene every once in a while right? The website is also color-themed all around by black, white and blue! These color schemes are very stylish if you get to see them for yourself! But let’s also not forget the Model’s tab. In this tab, you’ll see the whole entire collection of models that has been rated through popularity via the black stars.

Now about the Live-cam feature. Every once in a while, you’ll be seeing alert announcements whenever there is a live scene being filmed. I have to tell you; these scenes are being taken LIVE IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. It doesn’t matter where you live. It’s still going to be real-time all the way. That’s uncut version for you fellas. It’s also high quality and the streaming is fully optimized my friend! Lastly, before we proceed to the favorite parts. I need you to know that there’s this thing called the update page. In this page, all the new stuff and recent uploads will be shown to you. It has been brilliantly made so you won’t have to worry about anything. Oh I forgot, if you’ve become a member, there’s a place you should know called Promo Tab. This might even give your dough some boost! If you know what I mean!

Girls and Videos

Now I know you’ve been waiting for us to finally talk about this. So let’s get on with it. So the models in PropertySex have been seriously handpicked to make sure you only get to see models that are really fucking beautiful. I mean it. These models have been highly popular for years now and now they are taking part in the best porn site ever. Actually, these girls are so awesome, sexy and amazing that the hardcore scenes in these videos are almost as legit as it gets. Even the famous Mia Khalifa became a regular porn star in this site. Even Angelica kitten has taken part in this site. Seeing these girls getting fucked hardcore is worth all the dough my fellas. Now if you want to discuss about the content count in this site as well as the quality of the content. Quality, that’s a 1080p resolutions for your screens baby. The download options are the same as ever, 720p, 1080p, 480p, and 360p. These statistics are one of the best I’ve seen so far.

Good paid porn site with POV content.


Well PropertySex has definitely gave us quite a presentation. I’m not sure you can’t find another site that is as good as this one. Even the models are steaming hot. Considering as well the bonus sites from PropertySex, its overwhelming just thinking of it. So if you’re looking for a site to settle in. Then you surely have found it. The features and quality of the content aren’t something that’s easy to ignore. I would highly recommend this site. If I were to pick between 1 to 100. An easy 99 would be an understatement.

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