The WTF Pass is all about seduction, hunger, longing, pleasure, sensuousness and of course also lewdness. All of that is poured into this site location with videos that are filled with modern porn art. The site contains sexual creativity touched with a bit of brilliance because it contains pure style. Thus, it is a wealth of different sites pulled together by a network, the WTF Pass and all that stuff above describes all the videos that are contained within. If you are seeking women who are into public sex, you will see that there. But, you ask, what if you are trying real gangbangs, yep there too. And finally what if you are seeking orgies filled with great looking girls? Oh, yes definitely all of those are there too.

See that is the quintessential beauty of dealing with a pass and a network. The whole network is open to you in every way possible. This particular pass entails over 1908 scenes, and more than 639 girls all rolled up in 11 sites. Thus, this is why almost whatever you are seeking, the WTF Pass is going to enable you to see it and see it in all its glory each and every time. Now in order to access the sites, you will of course need to know something about those 11 different sites. The sites are named HD Massage Porn, Panda Fuck, Public Sex Adventures, Meet Suck and Fuck, Dolls Porn, Hard Fuck Girls, The Art Porn, Pickup Fuck, Porn Weekends, CollegeFuck Parties and Private Sex Tapes.

Taking each of those sites apart for you, we find that The Art Porn is filled with sophisticated porn that is displayed in some truly amazing erotic and very artistic scenes. The people who are featured here are exceptionally beautiful, and the men are all extraordinarily handsome.

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Design and Features

HD Massage Porn is about exactly what it sounds like. It contains women getting massages from male masseurs. What happens next is sexually sizzling hot as the women are fucked with amazingly hard cocks. Public Sex Adventures is filled with scene after scene of amazingly hot women who love to do their nastiest in all manner of public locations. The more public, the better.

Panda Fuck will probably cause a lot of raised eyebrows, however it involves a retinue of gals who are mostly just beautiful. Now, they are all enamored with a larger than life fake panda bear with whom they are forever snuggling and dearly love. Part of the reason they are enamored is because the Panda has a delightful dildo. Meet Suck and Fuck describes exactly what happens with some absolutely cute girls and some exceedingly hot guys. What happens is that they are on a first date, yet after meeting they are irresistibly drawn to each other and absolutely must suck and fuck.

CollegeFuck Parties, of course, beautiful girls and shows you all of those amazingly wild parties they attend. The parties are of course mostly sexual orgies. This will satisfy your need for voyeur porn. Dolls Porn is basically about some gorgeous women who do each other in lesbian sexual meetings with each other. But then they also perform sexual acts with guys as well with tons of deep throating and such. It is interesting that when doing lesbian play the girls are wearing tons of lace and even thigh highs that just make these girls appear sexier and sexier if that were possible.

Girls and Videos

Hard Fuck Girls is entirely different from anything you have ever seen. It entails some very hot ladies who seek sex under a different heading, for they want it hard and rough. In addition they also want it from gangs, and they also love huge gang bangs. Pickup Fuck entails fucking scenes that occur outdoors, sometimes in pickups, thus the name of this site. The scenes are very seductive and always outdoors thus variety is the middle name of this site. Porn Weekends occurs only in Thailand. Those who star in the site are there on a holiday. The action takes place in both the indoors as well as the outdoors and the sites are lovely. In Private Sex Tapes, you will find an elegant collection dealing with amateurs. The videos are all homemade, and of course they do have that special amateur touch.

Thus all in all you can see that these sites amount to a whole fantastic amount of porn. All of the ladies come from either Russia or Europe. Besides you will note that a lot of the people in these sites either speak Russian or speak English with a tremendous accent. These Universities are located in Europe and not in the United States. What matters is, of course, the sex, and the way that the sex is always portrayed, regardless of which of the sites one is referring to. All of the sites are of course very hardcore and all of the scenes are totally and thoroughly sexy in every way possible.


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