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Hello! Thank you for visiting our site, xpaysites.com. We are fresh men and women who like to watch porn (just like everyone else), and we have devoted ourselves to find the best porn websites, that will provide the best experience for their members, and that are perfectly safe to visit and purchase.
Our team is composed by people from very different disciplines. We have sexologists, webmasters, web security specialists, site reviewers, etc. And all of us aim to do one thing: give you a list with the best porn websites out there for almost every category out there, and that guarantees that when you choose to visit any of the mentioned websites, you will receive a great experience that is worth your time and money.
For many websites, their marketing looks beautiful and they promise great things when they want to sell, but once you paid the membership fee and are already into the site, you discover that the only good thing about them was their marketing. Their content is not great, or their variety is not great, they do not upload new content, or they were just scams. We don’t want you to ever have to find any of such websites! And that’s what we are here for!
You might think that we have a job anyone would die for, but even when we love what we do, the truth is that we take it very seriously and there is much more in what we do than only watch porn. We are here to certify that everything is ok, that our readers will be safe (and their credit cards will be safe) before we include any website, and in general, that our readers will be glad to take us as a reference for finding great content online.

What we will deliver to you

As you can see from what we mentioned before, we are here to give you reliable information about the best porn websites out there. We will only include in our list those sites that we believe will deliver a great experience to their members. If we feel in any way that any site is not accomplishing that purpose, we will not include it.
Another great thing that you will get from us is free premium porn videos from some of the best porn networks out there. Thanks to our work as reviewers, several porn content producers provide us with free samples of their premium content so we can show it to our readers and to the people who come to us to find a reliable source of information. They do this with the purpose of encouraging our readers to become members of their sites.

Our criteria to review porn websites

We have very complex criteria for reviewing the porn websites we visit. We take into account not only look and feel aspects, but also technical and web security aspects. The aspects we consider in order to rate a website include:

Page Ranking and Domain Authority

In order to make sure that the website is a reputable one, we verify that their page ranking is high and that it is not just a website that came from nowhere. We also check the domain authority of the website. This is calculated through several algorithms that let us know if a website is a “strong” one, and therefore, represents a more trustable source of content.

User Experience

The experience each site provides for its users is a very critical aspect we take into account when reviewing a website. We check out if the site is easy to browse, if their categories/indexes are clear and work properly, if there are excessive pop-ups or other elements that might cause trouble, etc.

Content Quality

We also verify that their content has the quality they promise. It is very important for us to check that once anyone purchases their membership, they will receive great content that is worth the money they have paid. We check if they upload new videos/content regularly, if their new content maintains the quality of previous content, etc.

Web security

It is very common to hear that many times porn websites harm your computer, fill it with viruses, Trojans, malware, etc. Also that there are many websites that want to collect credit card information in order to use it elsewhere when you are not looking. This is also a very important aspect we check out, because we want to make sure that any website we feature here in our list is completely safe to visit and that is completely safe to make any purchase on them.
Now that we have shared with you the aspects we take into account to rate a website, you can be sure that in xpaysites.com you will find only reliable information, and only the best porn websites and networks that comply with our criteria.
If you want to know more, or ask us anything, go ahead and Contact Us.

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