If you are random internet person that is tired of all that hardcore sex and meaningless fucking scenes, then try out the softer and relaxing approach of Errotica-archives. They are famous for soft porn and erotic content online; the female models found here have some amazing bodies and breasts that complement their beautiful smile.

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Design and Features

Their website is an archive database of all the girls that have made videos for magazines, various erotic websites and blogs. Errotica-archives has some beautiful purple colors that cover vast black screens and various videos on the main page. There are ten option to pick from in the middle of the main page, each option offers a standard feature of movies, girls, stream and bonus content. If you wish to access all their database in one go, then subscribe to one of the many membership plans the website has on offer.

A free membership feature can be access for a whole day and offers instant access to all the content, plus a download option to the videos you watch or pictures that you enjoy. Much of the content remains covered by the standard premium version, but there are some things to enjoy here if you are a free visitor.

Girls and Videos

Softcore pornography is an alternative to real hardcore porn because of international regulations and other things. Maybe you want to enjoy beautiful erotic videos with famous female models and your country can’t access hardcore porn. Whatever the reasoning or the desire to look for such content. Errotica-archives videos offer more than you expect from your average softcore porn website.

There are thousands of videos that range from early 2000 to the late 2016. The database is huge and offers more than a year worth of content for those who think they deserve more. Actresses like Selene, Monika, Raylene and Danae have gathered great popularity within the websites video selection option. Monika has some incredible tits to look at, and her bodies is just perfect for those long and beautiful nights of touching. Raylene has everything you need from a girl that will soon become a famous erotic star, her talents of masturbation on camera are captivating.

Danae is a blonde goddess with her long legs, exotic eyes, beautiful lips and awesome butt cheeks. There many new stars to check out in the latest movies section, like female model Aislin. Her videos have 10/10 scores, overall fresh qualities and her pictures are so well made, that you might think that you are there with her. In a famous outdoor video, Aislin has her legs spread out so much, you think milk would come out of that perfect pussy she calls a vagina. In contrast to the blonde goddess, Sybil A is a brunette queen that we all would like to hang out with and get to know her more than what she shows in her videos.

Her style of videos includes similar indoor and outdoor scenes, but where aren’t here for the background, we are here to experience her body and her breasts in full 1080p HD. Try out all the videos for a limited time access of one day and start downloading or rate those beautiful girls from 1 to 10. The video content is to huge to navigate in just one day and the rating system makes picking the perfect girl to enjoy much more faster and easier.


Errotica-archives has a style and grace to it that almost none of the porn industry websites have. The female cast is incredible to watch in 1080p full HD and the videos are so well filmed, you could just relax anywhere and everywhere you get to see such amazing content on a smartphone.

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