Ebony Tugs is a premium porn site with black girls in blowjobs and handjobs videos. Black women have a kind of magic that is really difficult to explain. They have big and juicy lips that make us wonder how would they taste; their provoking eyes make us boil with temptation; with unique and round bodies they let us dizzy and hard. No wonder there are porn studios specialized in producing only black women material, exploring this wild beauty in all kind of actions and situations. However, sometimes an arousing experience is more sensual than a hardcore and rough fuck, as we can really fantasize about being loved by these marvelous and exotic women. Ebony Tugs grant us our wish, making some of the most arousing and sensual amateur scenes but focusing only black women milking white cocks. This specific production is quite rare, so there’s already an extremely positive expectation about Ebony Tugs product. Let’s have a look inside this black womens’ paradise.

Design and Features

The site layout has a dark theme, utilizing texturized boxes in the menu, giving a nice hip-hop style to the elements. The videos are displayed in a big size, so you get to preview them with a nice photo to select what you’re looking for. Download and stream are included, with the average resolution being 1280×720 for newer videos and 720×576 for older ones. Picture sets area available for each scene, with more than a hundred pictures in 1300×867 dimensions. There are more than fifty scenes with videos and respective image galleries in the site’s library, not so impressive number, but the uniqueness of the content and the beauty of the models compensate this. Mobile access is, as expected, also provided. The site can be accessed by devices with internet like iPhones, smartphones, tables, TVS and video-games. The content present in Ebony Tug is exclusively produced and distributed, so you won’t find it anywhere on the internet. They included a feature named “create a scene”. You can send your script or concept to be recorded, if the producers think it’s possible. If selected, your idea will be shoot and later uploaded to members.

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Network Sites

Ebony Tug joined a Network formed by other eight sites, turning a single membership into a free pass for nine exclusive sites. All of them explore niche content and are very peculiar, with a respectable library ready to be uncovered. Some of the most interesting partners of the Network are: SimoneFox: If you are interested in Ebony Tugs is pretty obvious that you like your women black. But if you also enjoy them busty and extravagant, SimoneFox is a nice addition for your porn. Focusing the sensual performance of a busty BBW model with gigantic boobs, the site is not updated for some time, but left an interesting library of softcore ebony performance. ClubTug: Instead of only exploring the black women beauty and eroticism, Club Tug extends the handjob experience to a broader level. Collecting fresh and Mature models, providing one on one and multiple girls scenes, there is a unique intensity in each scene, illustrating a simple handjob with a magnificent viewpoint. SeeMomSuck: Mature models blended with sweet newbies and amateur girls. This blowjob oriented site got plenty of fun and sexy material, with kind of roleplay that only exists to justify the mixing between the girls and their mothers, or other female siblings, joining the group blowjob frenzy. These are only some examples of the final package you gain with the membership. There are nine sites in total, including Ebody Tug.

Girls and Videos

One of the strongest points of Ebony Tugs is how they manage to select exquisite black amateur girls, and even further, how they manage to develop different personalities for each girl. If the scene is making an amateur and innocent approach, the model staring the scene will have a slender body, with cuter look, and she will perform accordingly to this approach, making the handjob intensity grows progressively and making some sexy but composed talking. On the other hand, when the scene wants to portrait a wilder and experienced black girl, they will put a more fitting model to do the scene, such as Gogo Fukme. With big breasts, a modern and exotic haircut and innumerous tattoos across her body, Gogo it’s an intimidatingly alluring black girl that grabs a dick firmly, stocking fast and vigorously their partner until the inevitable cumshot. That way, it’s nice to see that Ebony Tug not only have a great collection of unique models with different aspects and measurements, but they also know how to explore their looks making the models perfectly fit their scenarios. In-between the handjob action, the girls try to stimulate even more their man, making blowjobs, spit play or a quick titjob to spice things. These are only to implement the scene, never taking the focus of the handjobs. As result, videos can look more amateurish, with innocent and cute ebony girls giving their partners pleasure or more intense with hardcore experience, with a lusty black girl making a harder and more provocative approach. POV is nicely explored in the shootings, with eye contact and focus on the girls’ expression and sex talks. The final result is pretty good, with fine editing and interesting directing. It doesn’t have any incredible and game-changing technical element, but the production is really professional, turning the distinguishable product offered by Ebony Tug into something worth of checking.

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