Are you them type of person who enjoys seeing big beautiful women or BBW’s do it in front of the camera or at least you are pretty much into healthy and gorgeous women and can’t get your wits together with the prospect of getting them fucked big time? If your answer to this question is yes, then you are lucky to have chance upon this porn review for the next couple of minutes we shall fill you with some surprisingly scrumptious carnal information about the very sexual fetish or preference that you have in today’s porn review. This porn site that we are going to focus on in today’s porn site review is greatly centered upon the different sorts of hard core fuck that you may ever see when we talk about plump and gorgeous women.

So to get things started, let us first introduce to you our subject for our review so you may go ahead and have an idea of what to expect from it. First of the name of this porn site is XL Girls, just as it name tells you this adult themed website’s central theme is showing you on how you can better appreciate naturally plump and stacked beauties. From the porn site’s extensive selections of stock photos of their adult video plump ladies up to their large varieties of situational or aesthetically unique erotic motion pictures, you will get a tasty look as to how you can turn this type of women into your personal love making sex goddesses.

Based on personal experience this beautiful plump bunnies’ appearance can be quite deceiving, and just to let you know they are a factor to be reckoned with for they know how to match your sexual appetite in the most profoundly sensual manner. And with the help of this porn site, some our resident chubby chasers here in our office managed to dramatically increase their endurance and make the most of their own lovely plump partners at home.

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Design and Features

By just landing on the homepage of XL Girls itself, you can already tell by the porn site’s website design that they are really serious about business. They mean business. Their main objective is to provide you quality BBW porn videos and that is the only thing that they are going to focus on. We say because the site is very straightforward with their scenes and that the homepage (along with the entire site) is mainly focused on the content only. In fact, once you have landed on the sites first page, you are not even going to see a welcome banner.

I know a lot of premium porn sites offer a welcome banner for their visitors, but not XL Girls. The first thing that you are going to see is the site’s simple logo and their navigation. That’s it. The next thing that you are going to see is the previews of the videos already! These previews are all pretty strategically-placed as well. You are going to see a really big preview trailer of their most latest update. Then there would be other thumbnails as well of their other recently uploaded videos. These previews might not be as big as the first one, but they also contain video trailers too so you better check on them as well.

On these previews, you will see the play button (of course), the title, the name of the porn star in the video, and finally its five-star rating. After these video previews, you will then see the thumbnails of the pictures of their most in-demand models. I would totally understand if you are going to take your time to take a look at this part of the page. This leads us to the next part of the review then, the girls and the videos.

Girls and Videos

Lots of people misjudged the overwhelming potential of beautiful big women in taking enormous amounts of hardcore fuck. The girls in this porn site prove many of those misconceptions wrong and even astonish us here at the office of the different sorts of the position they can perform as well as their enormous appetite for making love. We even have witnessed a video here where the beautiful big woman is the one who is dominating the guy and controlling every single action that they perform.

There was even this one time that the voluptuous hottie dominatrix even tells the hard and eager dominated stud when and where he will shoot out his orgasm. That very same video somewhat enlightens us and at the same time showed everyone her at the office that their appetite for carnal pleasure is just as enormous as their size is. Just by reminiscing every scene of that porn video making me stiff, and boy the quality of their high definition screen play is not helping at all in suppressing pulsating shaft while I was watching them because you can see every bit of glorious graphic details of it.


Overall, I personally enjoyed the porn site. There are not a lot of porn sites out there that cater to BBW porn and offer them in high-definition high-quality videos. Not only that, you will also gain access to their partner BBW porn site, FeedHerFuckHer as well. To those who are unfamiliar with this porn site, we have recently written a review on that as well and the site was really awesome. This is another BBW porn source that is definitely worth your time and attention. Anyway, I advise you to take advantage of the chance to become a member of this porn site especially if you really dig the BBW porn genre.

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