All humans are aware of the benefits that they can derive from sex. The shallow though pattern that used to link the reproduction with sex. Gone are those days and nowadays, we know for sure that the humans engage in physical intimacy for deriving sexual pleasure as well. It has the magical effects on a troubled mind and stressed body. Ask anyone and you will get to know that foreplay is very important in elevating the experience of having sex. A good foreplay is really required in making you full satisfied after reaching the climax. It can be so said that passionate and intense foreplay will help you in paving the path for reaching the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. By now you must have understood that I am going to review a portal that is mainly based on the genre of blowjobs. The name of the locale is We Like To Suck. It has been in the market of porn supply since the early 2012. The insignificant amount of time that it has seen in the market has not been able to stop it from reaching the heights of success. Intense dedication of feeding the people their desired contents that are high in quality have been the main reason for this success. We Like To Suck is a portal that will not only provide you with very high-grade videos and images of blowjobs but will also touch on all the other actions that are associated with sex. To be exact, this is a hardcore sex portal that will show you adult entertainment of all types. From intense licking of the juicy tits to munching on the pussies, they have every video here. The adult movies are full of sexy and sizzling lassies in their birth suits and who engaged in a horny and intense love making session whenever time permits. Cock teasing is a main feature of the matters available here. You will also get to see just how eager they are to open their legs wide in order to accommodate the muscular cocks of the partners in the glory holes. With a lot of boobjobs that will make you horny, the scenes of cock sucking will make you reach out to your private parts and rub it in easy strokes to get the ultimate pleasure. The divas get fucked in all possible ways, on the couch, in the bed, on the floor or at the back seat of the car, no place is out of reach for them. Among these, the main focus has been put on the activities that involve taking the dick into the mouths and sucking them with every ounce of energy that these chicks possess. Deep throat gagging is available in the videos and images.

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Design and Features

The technical and the artistic aspects are equally interesting. The first feature about the movies happens to be the selection of the locations. With indoor shoot you will get to see sizzling beauties getting fucked and giving blowjobs out in the open too. The next feature happens to be the use of advanced technologies and instruments during the time of shooting and later the use of the same on the editing table. This adds clarity and depth to the end results. While talking about quality, I must mention that the videos are in ultra HD 4K design. These are available for downloading and streaming in more than one formats and many option in regards to resolution values are also available. You can expect to get 1440×1080, 1920×1080 and 3840×2160 via MP4 downloading format. With this, you can also make use of the WMV format. Image resolution happens to be of 3000×2000 or 2240×1680. Flash and MP4 options are available for online viewing. Here, 8000Kbps at 1920×1080 and 1800Kbps at 720×404 are available. The clips are in full-lenght┬áversion. Both the animated and still contents are available in modes that make it easy to play them in tablets or smart phones. The option of using Windows media player is also available. The home page has many tabs that will give you straight entry in the various areas of the locale. There are separate tabs for browsing the videos, image, and models areas. One click on the desired tab will take you directly in the world of sexy and ravishing damsels. There is a tab that will allow the porn lovers to open an account in the portal by filling an online form. Another tab will give entry to already existing members. There are four general subscription options open for members. The two day trial subscription package will enable you to carry out only a few activities. Not all will be available to you in this package. The home page also contains thumbnails of the various sex movies found here. One click on the thumbnail will transform you in a separate page that will give you a peek into the preview of the actions. All the information related to the movie is also found here.

Girls and Videos

If you want to get balmy visions of 175 sexy and horny chicks, dressed in passion evoking lingerie or at times naked, crawling on the bed, the log on to the adult entertainment forum now. 193+ sex clips, playing on for a range of 20 to 45 minutes, with associated sets of images with each will surely be a good deal for the customers. Each image set has 60+ sex filled snapshots of the models either pleasuring themselves or working their magic on the cocks of the hunks. There are duo as well as group sex videos and images present here. Even the images are of good resolutions that reach a whopping 2240×1680 to 3000×2000 pixels. Though the network has 175 models, the variations that you will get in respect to body, breasts, hair texture, smoothness of skin and other physical features will not let the feeling of monotony settle in.


Though some may get the feeling that the sex forum is a pricy, the admin offers various discount plans all throughout the year to encourage adult entertainment aficionados to log on to this link.

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