WatchMeFucked is a suitable website for those who like videos that are captured in PoV style and features amazing fresh cuties. All videos on this site are shot from the guy’s point of view who has the chance to fuck these chicks as much as he can. The videos on this site are all scripted, so it’s not amateur porn, thus you shouldn’t expect shaky hands and blurry pictures. The guy who handles the camera is professional and he had a really firm grip on the thing, and also the camera itself represents the better quality.

The WatchMeFucked offers a nice collection of mostly HD movies, featuring good sex and the gorgeous models of the TeenMegaWorld. These girls are really beautiful, with natural, tight bodies, and cute pink pussies. They are fresh and they fuck like angels, some of the big-shot pornstars could envy them. There is no overplaying and faking, they are all newbies, so they don’t even know how to do that, and they have some wonderful years before they should resort to that. Since the site is part of the TeenMegaWorld, it’s evident that you get a large pile of bonuses with your membership.

Apart from the access to the PoV movies of WatchMeFucked, you have the chance to browse through the whole compilation of the network. As for the niches covered, you will see for yourself, that all important porn-type is represented, from the softer ones to some of the heavier topics. You can enjoy squirting, anal sex, threesomes (of both kinds), lesbian porn and sex of people with some big age-gap between them. There are more than 30 bonus sites included in your membership, where you can find many of your fantasies made into reality. The folks at TeenMegaWorld are focusing on quality, so you can find lots of HD, Full-HD and even a growing number of 4K-HD videos, and fantastic girls in them.

Watch Me Fucked free video

Design & Features

The WatchMeFucked has a home page that you will find really sympathetic, because of the nice design and the friendly layout. The large thumbnails will show you that the lad is not joking around, and the girls are indeed really pretty. The site isn’t optimized for mobile, but if you have read about or encountered other TeenMegaWorld sites, you should already know, that the most important thing, the members’ zone is fully optimized, and since going there anyway it doesn’t really matter where you register. It’s quite sure the WatchMeFucked will be optimized though.

When you enter into your account you will see that it’s not just the WatchMeFucked’s members’ zone, but you can access the whole of the TeenMegaWorld. You are provided with multiple options for sorting the videos and searching among them. If you find a video that catches your attention, you have two options. The most evident is to start watching it right away in the browser, setting the quality according to your connection and machine. Those who like to watch movies in the highest possible quality should use the download options. Each movie on WatchMeFucked comes out with a gallery that is available online or as a downloadable zip file.

Girls & Videos

The videos on the WatchMeFucked are mostly shot from the guy’s point of view, and this makes these movies really exciting. They make you feel like that it is you who gets rode by that amazing fresh girls, or it is you who is going to drill that tight asshole. All videos on the WatchMeFucked are staged, and every one of them is shot in studio-like environment. The lightning is superb, and the rooms where they fuck are all clean and cozy, these signs all tell about the professional approach of the folks behind the site and the TeenMegaWorld.

The collection of the WatchMeFucked has nearly 40 entries. You gain access to all of these videos, and if you thought that the number isn’t too big, you should check the length of the videos: most of them run for more than 20 minutes, and they all offer varied, and exciting sex. For most part, the camera is handled by the guy, but there are scenes where he can’t take it anymore, and puts it down, and holds the girls with both his hands. You can’t blame him, if you were in his place, you would do that too, because fucking those gorgeous girls requires full attention and both hands are needed to touch those cute tits and get a grip on their firm ass. If you’ve ever heard of the TeenMegaWorld, you may already know what to expect. Everyone who knows this network anticipates gorgeous fresh girls, and while you browse the site, you will see that these are amazingly cute chicks.

Luckily, the guys behind the site are really professionals, and instead of silly titles for the scenes, they simply put the girls name as a title. Why is it so good? You shall ask. Well, because if you like a girl in these scenes, you may find it on the main sites’ model index, or after registration you can easily find all her scenes collected to one place. Since the models are all Europeans you can mostly find here Caucasians, but some fantastic, cute Asians and Latinas can be found here. You will find it that the girls have tight, natural bodies, and they are not just good to fuck, but they are pretty, and looking on them is like looking on a fine vase: you look at it, you praise it, but you can’t dare to touch it fearing that you brake it.

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