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Design and Features

The best about reading comics is that they are in perfect still photos. You will definitely get a perfect definition of what it is about as you could easily turn back the page to where you find it most erotic. They will give you scenes that are so perfect, that you could almost touch Ben’s penis and help him finish as he makes his solo performance. Reading their speech bubbles are making it all very erotic. Imagining how they are screaming, moaning, if they come out of the comics you are reading is just so sensual. Seeing exactly as how they are making each other finishes is just erotic. Man to man has always been a scene too fleshly to watch. Seeing a penis inside the mouth of an equally sexy hunk is just hair raising. Seeing them in different positions, sharing penis and making all cum is something that will make you burst to too much sexual desire.

Guys will always be too horny and adventurous as they will make scenes anywhere they want. They will never care about others as all they want is to have fun. If you are done for the day reading the sexual adventures of Ben in TwinkyToons. You could always move to other sites that are accessible and available for you to access once you register to TwinkyToons. See live man to man action and solo sexy performances of men who are giving it all out for dicks. Signing up with TwinkyToons is giving you free access to porn sites like beddableboys, bestbareback and a whole lot more.

Boys and Videos

Ben Loverbone is the main actor in TwinkyToons. He got the lead role because he is one of the most dick lover whores you could ever meet in the comic world. He deserves the prime spot after I personally read and scan the porn site. The dicks he could manage is far from the usual comic performances I read so far. Ben is just a 100% whore. He is just so horny that he made his wildest performance with Preston Andrews and Noah Carlisle, a threesome performance that you would surely never forget. The three way performance is just full of mouth jobs and ass hitting. They are all just too erotic that you want them to come out of the comics and make their performances in front of you.

The lines written on their speech bubbles are just too darn sexy. You could almost feel their satisfaction through the perfectly drawn pictures of their faces. The steamy treat on their three way performance is a must read. The best part of this episode is the cum that is just overflowing. You just cannot believe how they handle all the sexy and erotic cum that each of the performers released. They are all just wild and they ultimately give a great satisfaction to all their readers. I just completely explode after reading the three some treat that this episode has served. I just can’t imagine how the pictures were perfectly drawn by the artist, I mean, it is just so steamy that if I were the artist, my hands will all be shaky and wet because of the steamy scenes I need to put in the drawing. This is just crazy.


I highly recommend TwinkyToons to all those who want something different. You would surely not believe that comics could be as hot and steamy as this. The drawing are all made perfectly to make them all so realistic. The greatest part of getting signed up is that Ben Loverbone, the main actor of the comics, is a 100% whore and you know that he will have more sex adventures to share his readers. His delight and interest for sex and penis is a guarantee that he is on for a lot more adventures that only Ben could make. Reading comics from Ben is just all steamy hot. Follow his sexy and wild adventures and expect more from this man whore as he will definitely make his adventure hotter and hotter.

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