One of the most important rules to sell a product or service is to make it unique and exclusive. Then only will the customers find any interest in accepting that product. The Tuk Tuk Patrol is a website which is very unique as compared to some of the other adult websites which you will find over the internet. The website comprise of intense hard-core fucking scenes of Thai girls being picked up from different Thailand locations in a genuine tuk tuk or a three wheeled auto rickshaw. The tuk tuk having some guys move around Thailand and whenever if comes near a hot chick; the vehicle moves in towards her and offering her a ride. The seducing is done in these vehicles and when everything is ready and the clothes now need to be shred, they move back to their sex den and engage in hard core fucking, BJS and cum shots.

You may have browsed all kinds of websites or watched different types of videos having unique concepts, but it is a certainty that you would very rarely find a website having such unique contents. This is a Thailand website and the action is shot in different Thai locations. It is not very often that you will find tuk tuks on your street filled with dudes picking up girls from all kinds of public places and inviting them for a ride back on the tuk tuks. As they reach the condos or sex dens as people call it, the real action begins. While travelling in these autos, these girls are seduced and as they enter in private quarters, these girls bring out their naughty side and feast on the cocks, sucking them dry and also jumping on a big dick thereby making an ambience of fun and excitement.

The action is amazing for porn watchers and will definitely arouse your senses. There are solo videos, twosome action and also small group fuck session involving two couples or three couples exchanging their partners. The fun is unprecedented and considering the fact the videos are of super high quality with super sound clarity, it makes way for splendid viewing. The action is also real and no planning is done for the shoots. In fact whatever there is to it, is done while coming back on the tuk tuk because as these people enter the houses, they simply start erotically engaging with each other.

The girls expose themselves and feast on those big dicks which are up for grabbing. Asian chicks are hot; they have figures and peculiarities which appeal to every man. Deep down every man desire to indulge in some naught activity with them whenever they get the chance. With this website, you can temporarily enjoy the fun. You will find girls contrasting to each other in their skin colour, their peculiarities and also their nature. The ages might also differ. Here you will find cute amateur girls between-18-20 and also sexy chicks a bit more aged having fiery instincts ready to own their partners.

Another thing which you will find here is that technology which is used for these fuck sessions are really cool and state of the art. They capture even the smallest details of actors and the clear sound quality enables you to listen to some of the funny comments which these actors share between themselves. However amidst all that, there are some flaws which this website has. Like for starters, the website does not have many contents and the updates are not as frequent as you would expect from a porn website. But still there are many people who have commented positively about it and also praised about the quality of the videos.

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Design & Features

When we come to discuss about the design and features, the website is not the cleanest nor is the design particularly alluring. But one good thing about it is the navigation. Plus the contents are also dated. Also as you take a tour of the website you will find that there are lots of information which is presented for you. The information includes about the models, about what the website offers and their uniqueness. Though there are some who have said that the update information could have perhaps been a lot clearer on the main member’s page, they have appreciated the background to the episodes which the website provides.

Girls & Videos

The website when it comes to providing hot girls and intense hard core action, it is quite impressive. There are about 99 updates both of videos and pictures and most of them are in superlative quality. The videos are in HD formats 1280×720 and the high resolution pictures are 1600×1200. The older videos however are in lesser formats and the same applied for the pictures. The contents are lesser in number but the ones present are very good.

The girls who feature in these videos are superb in their looks and their natural bodies and naughty sexual reactions can really turn the heat on its viewers. As you visit the website, you will find that there are different types of videos- solo, twosome, double penetration, cumshots in the mouth, boob fucking, anal fisting and many more naughty rendezvous. The biggest issue of the website and perhaps the reason why this website does not attract the kind of viewers it should is because the videos are not available for downloads. They can only be streamed online and as for the pictures, they can be downloaded individually but not collectively in zip files.


The contents of Tuk Tuk Patrol are quite impressive and so are their galleries of babes. With an increase in updates from the website operators, the website is slowly growing in stature. The subscription is also quite low and that is another good thing. So despite the flaws, the website has some really good stuff and on visiting will you get good porn entertainment.

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