The Tiny4K is a standalone website, which offers the visitors a growing collection of heavy hardcore porn. Ok, this may sound a bit ordinary, and you have every right to ask: What’s so special about this site that makes it worthwhile? There are multiple reasons, and if you like hardcore sex, cute girls and good quality, you will see the site’s virtues soon enough. First, let’s take a look at the name of the site, since it has a lot to tell: Tiny4K. The first part doesn’t refer to the collection’s size, but instead the girls’ height.

Every model of the Tiny4K comes from the under 5,4’ (or 162 cm) category, which is a standalone category in the porn industry. These girls are not too tall, but they have gorgeous bodies, and as you will see, they look very good next as they take on large cocks. It’s certain that the models’ height is a major factor here, but to make it more interesting (as you might have seen on other sites) the guys are very well-endowed, and their long and thick cocks are sometimes larger than the girls’ arms. Maybe the best part of the site is detectable from the second half of the name: 4K. Every tech-geek knows what it means, and the common porn-seekers like you may already got the drift.

The 4K is one of the newest resolutions, which is usually referred to as Ultra-HD. An Ultra-HD video is simply amazing, and as you can see, it’s meant to make the porn much better: you can see every detail without making any effort with your eyes. You will surely recognize most of the models, but rest assured, these are fully exclusive videos, there isn’t the slightest chance of seeing them on any other website. There is at least one new video added every week, and in some occasions two or three new flick may appear on the site, so you won’t feel bored. Since the site launched last year, there isn’t a huge collection, but the actual collection of nearly 100 videos will keep you satisfied between updates.

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Design & Features

The Tiny4K has a simple, neat home page. It lists the videos of the site, and practically that’s all you need. Fortunately, the guys who made the site are not cheapskates, so you will get some actual insight into the videos in the form of trailers. You can view five trailers, and you have the option to choose the scene, so not just the newest flicks offer a peek into the action. The videos are listed in three rows, with the latest ones listed first. As you take the tour, you can also enter the models’ list, where you can see all girls who appear in the videos. Opening their profile will grant you some info, but the main thing to see here is the list of their videos.

In the members’ zone, you can find all videos easily, and though there are no advanced navigation tools, given the number of scenes going through them won’t cause any problems. You can sort the list of the videos by different attributes. Probably the only sorting-like option is to browse through the models’ database. You can reach all content from the menu, and this includes the extra videos of the network, just as the live cams. Saving the videos is quite easy: you can select the quality and the format and go for it. However, if you are on a site that offers 4K porn, it’s certain that you won’t settle with ‘just’ HD or Full-HD. The MP4 file format offers the best quality.

If you prefer in-browser viewing, you need to make a compromise, because the highest resolution you can get is the normal HD (720p) which is also pretty good for streaming. Every scene has a set of video captions attached, and those may prove to be a good source if you want to know what takes place in the actual video. Since the scenes are all shot in very high quality, the pictures are also really sharp and clear. Everything on the Tiny4K is accessible on smart phones and tablets, since the site has a neat mobile-friendly user-interface.

Girls & Videos

The porn stars you can find in these videos are all gorgeous, cute chicks, who have different level of experience in the industry. Many of them, like Dakota Skye, or Dillion Harper have a long record of porn, but they still have cute body and a tight pussy that’s eager to have a huge cock filling in. The majority of the models is Caucasian, but there are some really busty Latina girls too. Every model has her body intact, and as you may see, apart from some lips upgraded, you won’t see any correction on the girls.

All scene takes place in bright rooms, and almost all of them are taken from the guy’s point of view, so they hit two birds at once: high quality and PoV porn, and this mix is awesome. There are some threesomes, but most of the times there is only straight one on one sex. The videos feature a bit of talking, though not much, so you won’t get bored before they could start the action. Teasing is featured, along with some juicy deepthroat blowjobs and anal penetration, which leaves gaping assholes behind.


The Tiny4K certainly has what it takes to be a good standalone site. Frequent updates are just one thing, but as you can see the video quality is the best feature, since you won’t really find 4K videos around the web, especially not on sites that are not parts of any large networks. Every girl here is short and the cocks are huge, and these two things adds up to some very exciting porn videos for you to enjoy. There are folks who prefer quantity over quality, but if you are looking for hardcore sex and amazingly good picture quality, the Tiny4K is one of the best sites you can find on the Internet.

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