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You may never have known but the human body is very accommodating. Take for example the mouth. Ideally, it will not take more than half of an eight-inch cock. However at throated, you are shown that this is not true. You are shown that the mouth can take just about any cock as long as it wants to or it is made to. That is what happens at throated. Girls are made to take cocks that are so big they can barely hold it with their mouths. They will start by licking the cock and running their tongue all along the length. Then they slowly but surely take the cock in until they get to the balls. Sometimes even, they are not given the choice to take it in slowly. The cocks are just shoved into their mouths without their consent. They are fucked repeatedly in the face until the guys cum in loud grunts. Sometimes too, the girls actually beg to be face fucked and at other times they have no say in the matter and are ordered to carry out the commands of their users.

This is one porn site that is not for the faint-hearted. You must love to watch this type of porn be able to withstand the level of defiling and aggression that goes on it. The guys are only aroused when they treat the girls like a deuce and make them take their cocks into their throats. The girls, on the other hand, are in separate camps. There are those that are happy to have their mouths ravished while there are others that are practically defiled into doing the act. The thing is the guys get turned on more by those girls that are stubborn and recalcitrant so defiling has to be used on them.

For you who is watching and enjoying the action, there is a lot more you can do on the site if you are a member. As a member, you do not only have access to videos on this site, you will also have access to videos on the other sites. This means that you will get videos in other niches different from throating. You will be getting sites like immorallive, sunlustxxx and myxxxpass.

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Design and Features

You will find navigating through this site easy to do as there have the right tools in the right place to help you find your way about. There are menu tabs and there are search boxes. The menu tabs like those for scenes, photos and videos are very important as they are the main reason why people come to the site. The site makes use of some great sorting tools that helps in sorting videos and pornstars. On the videos page, you can use tools like the most viewed, highest rated and upcoming to sort the videos. For most people, when they reach a site like throated, they may only be interested in those videos that have been recently loaded. Instead of browsing through hundreds of videos to find them, they can click directly on the latest update tabs and all recent videos will be displayed. Interestingly, an easier way to find latest videos is by clicking on the latest updates on the homepage.

Girls and Videos

The models on this site are professionals. Most of them have been in the industry for quite a while and have learnt a lot during their time as models. They are gorgeous and they smell of glamour. Just by looking at them you can tell they take a lot of care of their body. They are blondes, they are brunettes and they are redheads.

The videos include scenes where girls are made to lick the dicks of guys after which the dicks are shoved into their mouths right to the back of their throat. In other scenes, the girls are placed in very strange positions and cocks are inserted roughly into their mouths. Sometimes the girls are happy to take in the cock and will gently take in these huge monsters. At other times, they are scared stiff by the impaling cock and try to shy away. They are then roughly handled and defiled to take the cocks all in. There are much more of these creative scenes on the site available to members in HD and mp4 format. These can be viewed online or downloaded. Most times the videos also have photo sets which contain approximately 100 pictures. These pictures can be downloaded as zip files.

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There are many sites that carry content on deep throating but few have content that are exclusive and features some of the biggest names in porn. At throated, you will be presented with exclusive content featuring some big names in the industry. Anyone who really loves porn where deep throating and face fucking is the theme will love deep throated.

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