Men are masters of their own fate. This is a saying that holds true for people of all genres. Not only men, even women, in the recent times, have been known for making their own choices and bold moves in all spheres of life. One such avenue that has been deemed to be very important since ancient times is that of sex or physical intimacy. This is something that needs to be analyzed very carefully. It is not merely a way of sustaining our race. This is a way of acquiring pleasure and peace, both physical and mental. While discussing sexuality, you will have to understand that the main undertone of it is acquiring self-satisfaction. This is not always a thing that you can get from getting involved in sexual act. One can even get it by being indirectly involved in this stuff. This is where the importance of the porn portal comes into play. One of the most talked about sites in the recent times is that of The Life Erotic. If you are a porn aficionado then you will be aware of the treats that it has to offer. When talking about self-satisfaction, the main thing that comes to mind is that of the softcore and glamor sex contents.

These are far removed from the raunchy and hardcore pussy drilling yet they have an air of sophistication about them that cannot be over looked. There are many people who prefer to watch subtle sex movies that appeal to their libido far more than hardcore sex. In this context, I will be reviewing the locale called The Life Erotic. This portal has been in operation since the year of 2009. The long stretch of time that it has spent in the business of serving adult sexual movies to the viewers, is a reminder of the fact that it has been well-received by the people of all sections of the society. This is a portal that will feature the skill and creations of the ace porn film producer named Walter Bosque. His work has always been celebrated in this sphere. Once you have logged on to this portal, you can be sure of getting the best of his creations.

The main attraction of the movies and images is the creativity of filming the scenes. The settings of these is both indoors and outdoors, in the lap of nature. For starters, you will get to see all natural sexy divas, who are not shy. They take a great pleasure in flaunting their assets in front of the camera lens. Mostly you will get to see solo action wherein the lassies are fingering the wet pussies and playing with the curvy boobs. The ways in which they move all over the bed or couch will surely fill you up with urge of having sex. There is extensive use of sex toys such as dildos of various sorts, which are inserted in their wet glory holes for seeking the ultimate heights of passion and lust. The girl-on-girl clippings are also intense as they ride on each other and strive hard to satisfy the needs of sex. These actions surely make for good adult movies. If you are interested in watching stuffs like these then logging on to this site will surely be “the” thing to do.

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Design and Features

The next most important thing that I will delve into is that of acquiring the membership in this locale. This is rather easy as the membership is open to all. The only thing that you will have to do is fill in an online registration form with your personal details and submit it. The information will be kept confidential and the admin will do all that is necessary to give you the honor of becoming a paid members. Yes! This is a paid site and you will have to select and subscribe to a package, which you deem fit. The payments can be made via Discover, Diner, VISA, JCB, MasterCard etc. The home page is very attractive. Though it is a glamor porn site, the color schemes are far from girly. Rather the black background is strong and bold, giving the sense of passion.

The portal will provide you with new updates daily. Downloading and streaming are the two ways in which you can get the contents. These are compatible with tablets and mobiles, running on Windows. The videos are in ultra 4KHD. MP4 format, at 1920×1080 can be used for streaming. Video downloads are available in AVI, MOV and MP4, mostly at 1920×1080 resolutions. The videos are full length and are not subjected to any download restrictions or DRM tags. The navigation is rather smooth and you will get the added advantage of a search engine that will help you in reaching to the things you desire to see in an easy manner. The portal has also arranged for a 24X7 viewer support desk.

Girls and Videos

As you get into the locale, you will set your eyes on the banner style video slide that promises to give you a free full-view of the movie. Then you will get to see the other videos that are arranged in thumbnail fashion. There are around 600+ clippings of 10 minutes duration each. 1683+ sets of imageries are also available here. Each set boasts of 110 stills, at an amazing resolution of 3000×2000. You can download the stills in Zip. The makers of the locale are making arrangements of developing the web page by adding on to the collection every three days. There is an informative model index and update box as well.


I can surely say that this is a web link that will take care of all your needs, in the best way possible. No matter what your sexual orientation is, you will surely find thing that will titillate your sexual desires.

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