Hello, dear chaps! Are you enjoying some of the porn sites that we recommended you from our porn site reviews? What did we tell you? It is worth every penny, right? Well if you still want more porn sites to try subscribing at, we have here a unique adult themed site where it mixes the world of the online card game as well as the excitement that you can get from seeing beautiful getting naked. The name of this site is StripHilo, just like what its name suggests you will truly see beautiful playfully strip their alluring clothes in front of the camera while chatting and playing this unique site themed card game. This website is not your typical porn site. For one, it is not a porn site, but an adult themed website where you play an electronic card based guessing game where you have the player or the user will have to guess if the next card that the busty chick that you are chatting with is higher than what you have or lower (King being the highest and ace being the lowest), if you guess it right then the hot chick will strip off an article of clothing of your own choosing. However, if you lose even once then she will have to dress up and you will start from the beginning.

The best part about this adult themed gaming site is that once you have successfully got the online stripper removed all her articles of clothing, both you will have an option of continue playing, chat with each other, or better yet spice things up with whatever you want to do with her on camera. We assure you that whatever it is that you have agreed to do with each other on camera, it will happen and boy we love playing this game over and over again! Once you have tried it, you’ll never stop playing. Some of us in the office would even spend their lunch playing in their cubicle or voluntary ask for an overtime just to enjoy hours of playing in StripHilo.

Another attractive feature of this site is that its registration is free, giving any visitor the liberty of playing this unique adult themed game anytime and anywhere they want. It is like playing an online card game in a strip club VIP room. Moreover, the adult themed card gaming site lets you choose your desired online stripper from their list of the hottest girls under their wing or you proactively browse through other strippers that will meet your specifications within their website’s search engine. For those visitors and people who are interested in playing at StripHilo and are not that tech savvy as most of us, there is a site guide option that will walk you through the entire site that will eventually lead you to register and play.

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Design and Features

StripHilo’s web design and features are quite simple as compared to the usual porn sites that we have reviewed as well as with the usual online casino site that you may encounter online. However, its user interface and basic site appearance already give the feel of what a card gaming site is as well as the feeling of being inside a VIP room of a strip club that only a privileged few is being granted upon. Another good thing about the site is once you are inside its gaming interface, you will see how user-friendly it is for every options and icons there are designed for simple use so that the players would focus on playing the stripping card game.

Girls and Videos

Now for our favorite part of every review, the girls and videos; although this adult themed website that we are reviewing today is technically not like the usual porn site that we have in our previous reviews, the aspect of the site’s gaming interface still includes a live camera where you can see the stripper you are playing with teasing you with their sexual appeal while you eagerly play the game. With that being said, this adult themed stripping card game site’s online video presentation is still mattered in this part of this review. Speaking of, impressively the quality of the video resolution of this online stripping game site is shot with high definition camera. Giving you a feeling that you truly are chatting and playing with the stripper like there is no computer between the two of you; you may only imagine how sexually exciting it is playing the game.

As for the girls that are part of this ingenious sexually suggestive online card game site, it goes without saying that all of them were carefully handpicked in order to successfully engage lots of men to play StripHilo. This site covers almost all the different types of women that you can see in every porn site; from brunettes, blondes, Asian, Latina, MILF’s, fresh budding chicks, busty models with generous tits, ebony beauties, red heads or also known as gingers, and many more. You name it, StripHilo has it.


In summary, we can confidently say that this website did not fail to deliver the perfect sexual entertainment fix that we all are looking for to all the sites that we are reviewing. If you are truly into this sort of sensual online amusement and entertainment we assure you that you will enjoy every last bit of details on this website. All you need to do is register for free with all the needed security details then after that you are good to go.

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