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Design & Features

The website boasts of a wonderful design and honestly speaking it is one of the best things which I found about the website. All the menu options and the navigation panels are clearly in front of the eye-line of the viewers. Immediately as you visit the website, you will find pictures of some of their actors in their sexy avatars. The slide show of models wearing some sexy attire as well as some eccentric heels will definitely make you happy. With just a single click, you can browse through any part of the website you like. Even if you are not so thorough with the internet stuff, you will have no such issues in handling the website. The user interface of this website is also quite impressive and will allow you to scan for whatever video or actor which appeals to you and your dick. The most impressive part of this website is that it gets regular updates. In fact I was completely blown over when I found that the website gets as many as 8 updates in one month. The subscriptions are very cost effective and will be easily manageable by you. When we talk about the membership procedures, the process is as simple as taking candy from a baby. All you have to is just click on the join now section which will immediately take you to the membership arena. You will have to enter some important details and submit the request. Immediately a confirmation will be dispatched and as that is done, your membership career would be activated.

Girls & Videos

When we talk about this website, you will find that there are some stunning girls having some outrageous peculiarities to please your heart. Most of the girls are over 18 years of age but along with that there are many bombshells which are in their mid-20s and also in their mid 30s. These girls will be seen shooting in different locations as well as situations. Some of the popular names which you will find here are- Jenny, Magdalena, Sara, Debra, Imelda, Sonia, Claire, Lynsey, Kathryn, Larissa, Monica, Alison, Lauryn, Miranda, Faye and many more. Plus with the kind of updates which they regularly get, there is every possibility that every time you visit the website you will get new chicks as well as interesting contents to tend to. When they select their girls, there are certain requirements which they lay down. In terms of the videos, there are lots of wonderful contents lined up for your eyes. Most of the videos are in HD formats, particularly the latest ones. The older ones are in somewhat lesser resolutions but still prove to be great for viewing. These videos are downloadable as per the normal download procedures. The pictures are also quite good. They are shot with top class cameras and even the smallest details are captured. They are crisp and clear and just like the videos also make way for great viewing. The older ones are in lesser resolutions but still suffice.


As a final say, this website is quite good in terms of its contents. They are fresh and involve great soft-core and fetish action. The clarity of the videos, especially the new ones are great. The subscriptions are cost-effective, the collection of women is mind-blowing and the accessibility of the website is quite easy. However there are some who have said that the website owners could have made the contents a bit bolder, considering the website does not have any hardcore fucking at all. But still with whatever it has, it is sure to delight soft core and fetish porn lovers. It will prove to be good value of money.

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