As a guy, I certainly love watching ladies in porn sites. What riles me up the most though is watching ladies pleasure themselves in front of the camera, talking dirty to their viewers as if they were actually right beside you. As virtual as it looks, it feels rather erotic and steamy, and it feels like these cute chicks are really present and just cannot wait to be fucked senseless. I am sure once in a while, we imagine girls doing it themselves, putting a rather sensual façade in front of us or in this case, a camera. Let’s face it: girls are always and have always been the epitome of sexuality, grace, sensuality and eroticism combined, so it proves rather hard to steer clear of these angelic creatures.

Women in porn, despite the disposition, are still considered delicious, despite knowing how many cocks have made a stop inside them. We get off hearing the muffled or loud moans they procure, or when we see them sincerely begging for a nice fuck, or when they start moving their hips up and down, to the rhythm of a delicious sexual beat, or even when they stand there naked from the head to down under, women have always fascinated us and they totally have us with their cute antics. So, imagine my surprise when I came across this great porn site that showcases a variety of hot chicks in front of a camera, masturbating, all that while seemingly talking to their viewers about how wet they are and how they want their cocks, it was absolutely beautiful and the sensations that came rushing to my groin signaled me that this porn site was made to be relished from top to bottom.

It would be such a waste to just leave it out there, unnoticed, because every single thing in here was meant to cater to men’s sexual fantasies, sans the commitment. Yes, Self Desire is something made by the Gods to help men get off without the presence of an actual woman. This site is quite literally a “food” for the soul, with all the delicious meat hovering around, in the form of beautiful, gorgeous ladies. I do not suggest it in such a demeaning way, it is an actual compliment for these ladies.

Best porn site if you are looking for sexy girls in masturbation scenes.

Design and Features

As much as I like to avoid making remarks about girly website design, I give Self Desire a chance because of its minimalistic interface and its very easy navigation. It is not cluttered in any way and the links are neatly lined to each other. The site itself is free of ads and is very clean. Everything seems to be in order, from scene lists, video thumbnails, model profiles, and everything else in between. On top, you will easily find the log in button where you just input your user name and your password, given that you have already registered yourself as an actual member. If not, what are you waiting for? Do not miss out on this awesome site.

If you are still unsure if you want a premium membership or not, opt for the limited trial version but that will only apply for a very short period of time and only one or two items are available for viewing. Moving on, after inputting your chosen user name and password, go right ahead and enjoy your access to the whole site. The main page is where you will find the latest uploads and updates the site has made; this includes new videos put up or photo sets. Certain thumbnails are found in the home page and they serve as a slideshow sort of banner. Click on any of the five and you will be prompted right away to the respective video. Under this, you will see the model index where they provide you with a chock full of details of your favorite girls and their friends. Each starlet is provided with a portrait of themselves, sometimes clothed in minimal clothing, or most of the time, naked.

This goes with their names, their short biographies, the number of sets they are featured in and how many minutes of screen time they get, you also get to see how many photos they have been shot in. Under it are little buttons with numbers on it, these are the pagination links and they lead you right through the second page of the model index, and then the third. Next to it is the ‘See All Videos’ button, and this is where you will ultimately find the complete list of videos the site has. Remember that there are free bonus sites that come with your Self Desire subscription so do not forget to check these out or you will be missing out on hundreds, if not, thousands of free porn videos.

Girls and Videos

I honestly think that Self Desire has some of the most beautiful girls in the porn universe. I am not saying this exaggeratedly and I really do think most people will agree with me. Once you get a taste of these delicious looking girls, you will come back for more, and more, and more. They are also rather persuasive and with their wet, soppy activities that have to do with pleasuring themselves, it becomes hard to turn away. There are around 30+ videos of these girls coercing you into pleasuring yourself with their aid and they are all in high definition. With videos having as high as a 2K resolution and a 10K resolution. All scenes can be downloaded via WMV or MP4 format. It can also be streamed in browser via an embedded Flash player. Both methods are guaranteed a choice of high definition resolution.


Despite the low amount of content, this site is still as promising as ever, with the great quality they offer their viewers and members. The site has slow updates but they are still updating, nevertheless. They also make up for the lack of new content with their free pass to tons of other porn sites under the same network.

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