As you might depicted it from the site’s name, the SeeMomSuck grants you access to blowjob videos, where gorgeous MILFs and their girls’ are making a lucky lad to go off after some hot and exhausting blowjobs. The site claims that it’s amateur porn, but as you will see, the actors might be amateurs or semi-professionals, the videos themselves are created in professional manner. The SeeMomSuck follows a weekly update schedule, and though there was a gap in this, the site resumed it, and now you can expect a new flick each week. The collection is rather large: there more than 100 scenes on the site, and if you consider the gap, this number fits the age of the site. All content is exclusive, and you can’t find them on other websites. The site is part of the TugPass network, and you gain are granted a full access to the other eight sites of the network. There will be more blowjobs and handjobs on those site, and the models age ranges from barely adults to over 40 MILFs.

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Design & Features

The tour page of the SeeMomSuck looks promising. It’s a clear and simple page, where you can find everything you have to. The banner of the site features a Gif and a montage of pictures. Under that, you can see the menu, which doesn’t have much use if you are not a member: you can bookmark the site, view the models (the best feature of the tour mode), and send in your own idea for a scene. Also you can login or join. This is followed by the list of the videos. The scenes are represented by thumbnails and Gifs. Trailers are not featured in the tour, but the provided mediums will grant the info you need.
Once you are inside, you will find a practical menu, which will get you where you need to go. Under the Updates you can see the videos list, which you can organize by some attributes, like date or views. The models’ list is also available, so if any of the models caught your attention, take a look at her profile, and browse for her videos on the network sites. As a member on the SeeMomSuck, you gain access to a live cam site too, where you can enjoy hot MILFs’ performance. A basic search engine can help you to find the videos that feature your favorite niches. Basically, the site offers you the two normal options for viewing the videos: streaming or downloading. The stream is a Flash video that you can access through a Flash Based player. These videos offer two qualities, depending on the age of the scene: 480p for the newer ones, and 360p for the old scenes. Downloading is a good option, especially when you want to get the highest quality. The files that you can obtain here are MP4s, and they offer you 480p (better than the streamed) or even 720p. Since the videos are usually 15-20 minutes long, it would be recommended to save them, and watch them in their full detail. The picture galleries accompany the scenes. Each of these sets contain about 200 files which you can view in the browser, or save for later viewing as a zip file. Though the site is not a new one, it keeps up with the needs of the viewers. Thus you can access the content from your tablet or smart phone, using your favorite browser. The site has a perfectly working mobile interface.

Girls & Videos

Every girl here is a semi-professional, which means that they have done a few videos, but they are not that big names in the industry, thus you can certainly believe that they are amateurs. It’s quite sure that some of the models are even first timers, and since the blowjobs and handjobs are not that heavy niches, it’s a good way to start in this industry. Most models here are natural beauties, but mostly among the MILFs you can find here large fake breast at play too. Those who prefer to watch couples and girls with bigger age gap between them, will surely enjoy the mixed scenarios here. You can find here some girls who have large breasts, and they are nearly considerable as BBWs.
Most models are Caucasians, and they speak English, since the whole site and the network is US based. You won’t find the models to be all the same, the folks who did the casting chose well.
Every video here is scripted and staged. They usually feature the same situations. The MILF (or two MILFs!) walks in, and she finds her girl sucking her boyfriend’s cock. Now, these well-hung guys don’t really know what they will get. The natural reaction would be to go out of the room, and let the lovers do their stuff, but since its porn, the MILFs usually show the girls how to do it properly. The hot threesomes in the videos are really exciting, and if you though that you saw enough blowjobs, you shouldn’t miss these scenes. In some cases there are three girls for one cock, and apart from the cock sucking, the guys’ balls are going to get licked clean. As you might expect, there are one on one situations too.


The SeeMomSuck had some issues in the past in the matter of updates, but now the site is back on track, and provides the members with a neat compilation of blowjob porn. Though the site isn’t heavy in nature, the all blowjob videos are usually considered as fetish, since teasing a cock with only mouth and hands is a kind of worshipping. Apart from the astonishing collection of videos with increasing quality, the site has really good bonuses for you. For the price of one site, you get access to 8 other hardcore sites with more whistling.

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