When you think of a safari you get the image of a jungle. A location with wild animals untouched and untainted from the civilized world. Where there are lush sceneries with bountiful flora and fauna that a city could never come close to. A safari means an adventure with new sights, sounds and experiences waiting for you.

Safari Sex is a porn site that has that same feeling when we describe a safari. It is an adventure waiting to happen to the lucky viewer, and that lucky viewer is you! A tour around this landscape that is the Safari Sex website means that we’re here to check out the good stuff. So, strap on to your adventure gear folks ‘cause this porn site is a wild ride especially made for the kinky folks like you!

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Design and Features

The website’s design is reminiscent of the wild deserts of Africa with the earthy tones that we see all throughout the site. Its background of luscious wilderness in the afterglow of the sun setting is very pleasing to the eyes and helps the photos shine brighter than the rest of the page. Among the sunset is a lone giraffe that is probably seeking shelter as the night comes. But don’t let that image of a giraffe silhouetted by the sunset take your eyes away from the main reason you’re here.

The photos on the banner are screenshots of the most popular videos on their website. These black beauties are seen sucking dicks, getting fucked senseless on the sandy grounds of the desert and most importantly looking like they’re having a good time. These chicks are twisted into crazy positions and placed on whatever object they can lay on just to have their pussies fucked real good.

Safari Sex’s home page showcases their latest movie creations. They are categorized by African, Amateur, Anal, Big Black Woman, Big Breasts, Big Butt and Big Cock. Choosing your favorite thing about ebony porn will help you find the right video to set the mood. They bring out new videos every other day but don’t worry about not getting a daily dose of these fine looking ladies, as there are hundreds of videos in store for an horny person like you.

Scrolling further down you will see that they also have a Latest Updates part of the home page. These display high-quality screenshots of the videos that were recently put out on the site. Most of the photos are really just the good and fun parts of the video. For every update, there is also a short description of the movie showcased and you get to see and understand what this bit is all about.

Moving away from the main page and on towards the movies page, you will find that the initial display of these movies is chronological meaning that the most recent ones are up first and so on. You may also choose to sort these videos by the most popular, which would lead you to their most up voted and most liked videos on the site. And of course, after seeing all these, the website will then ask if you would like to join and become a member and that should definitely be the next thing you do!

Girls and Videos

The girls on this website are just like the exotic animals that you find in the jungle. They are wild and they’re hunting for the best mate to satisfy their mighty need for sex. Their keen eyesight shines bright in the night like a cheetah that’s ready to pounce! Brace yourself, boys! These women are horny fucks who are out to get you one dick at a time!

The majority of the women in this website are chocolate skinned beauties from the stunning land of Africa. The videos themselves are mostly shot on locations in Africa and it is quite an amazing view for an equally striking display of sex. These ebony splendors are out to steal your hearts as they get themselves pounded away with dicks of every size imaginable. The girls are up for some fucking and it is quite a sight to behold.

These ladies are up for the not so typical fuck sessions. They are willing and able to do great things with their body and with their partners. The girls can take quite a beating to the pussy and their breasts as some of these videos contain sex toys of the BDSM kind. These girls writhe in sexual ecstasy as they get pounded into an erotica nirvana.

The videos are mostly public or shot outside, right out in the open deserts of Africa. The lads are usually there by car and some of the scenes include raunchy car sex scenes where they utilize every bit of the car into their foreplay, too.


Guys and girls alike are hungry for sex. We just have to admit that and face the facts. Some guys can be hornier than others, while some girls exhibit this strong libido better than others. We are all just cogs in a clock working around each other and moving according to a path, and that path leads to earth splitting sex! Mating each other like a frenzied pack of baboons just humping away happily.

Safari Sex is one heck of an adventure. It is wild and it is proud. It is an exclusive display of ebony porn like no other where the girls are as sweet and as dark as chocolate themselves. Join now and you will be treated to hundreds of high quality content delivered to you every other day. Becoming a member of Safari Sex means bringing out the animal in you and that is a special feat that no one else can do.

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