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When one goes to this premium porn site, it is instant gratification, and one sees immediately what Round and Brown is going to be all about. It is all about the brownest of girls who have truly round asses. The rounder the better apparently. As soon as RoundAndBrown opens one is seeing either naked or partially naked black girls who are posing in such a manner that one can see what their asses look like all at once.

The girls in Round And Brown are not just posing, but instead they are very active. For instance, many of the girls end up giving white guys blowjobs. The thing is that the girls have such wondrous asses, and thus often the girls have to put up with some spanking as well as having their ass cheeks oiled. You will be absolutely amazed when you see them bouncing after they have been oiled. It lends even more life in their asses than the girls usually have. With all these interracial scenes, you will see the white guys doing a lot of ass worship with these amazing black girls. About the only way to describe what is going on over there is to say that they created a gorgeous cast and they are using them over and over again in the ways that we would all like to see.

You really and honestly have never seen black booty the way it’s presented here. The concept is absolutely fantastic, and actually you will just love those big, amazingly full, juicy asses that are all chocolate colored going from café au lait, to truly black as if it were dark chocolate. Now, you have to imagine what those white guys are going to do to that black ass, regardless of what color the ass is. We especially love to see the white guys having to deal with the black asses. They absolutely cannot stop themselves from squeezing, spanking, groping those round brown ass cheeks, and then they try to smother themselves going directly in between those wondrous abundantly round cheeks!

And Now as to the Girls

Some of the girls that you absolutely must see are Kiki Aremani, Osa Lovely, Leilani Leane, Toni Sweets and also Kapri Styles. These girls have absolutely outstanding asses that you will never forget seeing. Now if you have never seen ass cheeks clapping before you will when you come to RoundAndBrown. What happens is that the girl will move herself quickly as she stands there naked and by moving up and down she makes her ass cheeks clap together over and over again and yes, it does make sounds. You have never heard anything like this EVER! It is truly unforgettable. These honeys are absolutely juicy and thick too! Not all the girls are fond of betting butt fucked though, most of them want to just fuck vaginally but here and there they did find some who are interested in butt fucking. However, must confess that fucking these girls from behind although vaginally sets those ass cheeks in motion too. No wonder every guy wants to take a whallop to the lovely round cheeks. The girls also don’t seem to mind being spanked at all, as it is merely paying attention to what they are so very proud of, their round and brown asses.

There is absolutely no other scene that can possibly top watching a black girl with one of those huge back sides coming in and removing her clothes sensually. But as the scene continues you begin to imagine what it would be like to be that white man who is going to be able to mount that fine black lady. When all her clothes are off and her ass has been palpated enough to warrant a great hard on, he will mount her as she presents her pussy on all fours to be sure and let you see that wondrous black ass as you prepare to fuck her. You stick your rod into her ever so gently and then forge ahead with one great big lunge and go deeply into her all the way to your balls. You think you gave her one of your best fucking tricks, but she’s got some tricks of her own up her sleeve. She begins to give you one of her fucking tricks and moves her body in such a way as to grind her black ass over your white cock. There’s not a man alive who can continue fucking for very long when that round and brown ass gets going, and sure enough you’ll blow your wad deep into her as you both moan in pure ecstasy. Yeah, that’s one of the amazing scenes you will see in Round And Brown, and we are willing to bet that it won’t take you long either to reach that nadir of pleasure!

There are, of course, tons more scenes like that being featured in RoundAndBrown, and all of them are going to get you just as excited too. The monster curves of those black girls are at least possible to try to not let them bother you too much, but when it comes to that phat round booty, we do not think you’ll hold out very long. Nope!

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