RipThatBitch is a hardcore network that does not compromise to bring you what hardcore should truly be. RipThatBitch is a narrow niche network with one thing in common, except the hardcore thing, and that is ripped stockings, ripped clothes and action so hardcore you’ll want more.

Popular adult site with hardcore content.

Design and Features

This site doesn’t give that much in terms of layout but it does perform all the basic operations you need for a good experience. Big thumbnails with a clear preview of the action are a plus definitely, besides that not a lot lays behind the site’s content. Other than that, the layout offers little but makes do with that minimum. Visuals are also simplistic and are there to deliver the bare minimum and to make you focus solely on the content.

Navigation can be done through all the usual methods like manual search and similar, you can skip through many pages at the same time which is a function many sites do not implement. Strangely enough in the header, there is the choice between categories that you want to view. The site is mobile responsive and makes for a good experience while you view it on your tablet, android or iPhone and the quality is just as equal to them.

Girls and Videos

This is hands down one of the rare sites that deliver this kind of content with such a passion. You may be taken away by the feats these girls perform and they are incredible and are sometimes so feisty and at other times so passive it will just deliver the right amount of satisfaction. Models are some amateurish girls that obviously want to make their ways by carnal means and they don’t hesitate to deliver the boldest content you can find. Amateurs act in these videos like I have mentioned and even though that’s the fact, they don’t shy away from anything. The site boasts the length of 30 minutes or so for the videos, so you can watch these girls getting shredded till the end, where they can barely even moan if they are allowed to even.

MP4 and WMV are there so you can download and watch in those formats. As for the quality, it goes up to 720p which is pretty good there is also the 480p and 240p for slower connections so everybody can enjoy the content. There isn’t a large library behind this site merely a number of 50 video scenes you can watch from but they do deliver kinds of content that you don’t view all that much. Also, there are 50 image galleries, each one connected to a video. Few basic offers are made for the subscription, there is the 30 days offer, the 60 days offer and the one year offer as well, so you can choose the one that suits you the most.

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This is a site that offers quality, real hardcore content and doesn’t make the mistake of being nice, ever. The memberships are in line and you may have a hard time to decide because of the lack of content, but just a quick glance at the site will show to you with what kind of a site this truly is.

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