Top hardcore porn site, PurgatoryX is a masterpiece created for sinners. The site is astounding and exceptional when it comes to user interface, contents and most of all, models. If you are a sinner curious about where you want to go, whether hell or heaven, PurgatoryX is all you need to decide. If you want a soft and erotic pleasure, PurgatoryX has heaven for you. If you are more into darkness, fire and hard kind of pleasure, hell is also always open for you. Whatever you choose, assume that you are off to something really awesome and orgasmic.

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Design and Features

PurgatoryX, just like what has been mentioned before, has an amazing user interface. The site has wonderful, erotic and sensual designs that can surely turn on anyone’s horny button. With just a glance at the homepage, you will see how much each design is created with details. The theme colors of PurgatoryX blend with one another. The site is filled with red, black, white and green colors. The texts and all of the contents are properly highlighted.

When it comes to navigation, the site provided enough options and buttons to give the users an exceptional site viewing experience. If you happen to go all through the homepage, PurgatoryX provides several buttons to access all of the site’s pages. However, you can also see them when you click the main menu button at the upper right corner of the page. These options include trilogies, episodes, photos, models, and members’ page, plus a search button.

If you happen to visit the episode page, you will be able to see all of their video contents. These videos are presented with thumbnails which are edited and collaged screen captures from the video itself. Each scene is also displayed with their title text, the models that starred in it, the video length and the number of views. You can filter all of the contents through tags. When it comes to the photo collection, you will be pleased to see a lot of galleries with super-high-definition images. But of course, once you become part of this sinful community, you will not only have the chance to watch all of these exclusive contents but you’ll get to save them for yourself too.

Girls and Videos

PurgatoryX is truly a wonderful site, however, they have been also gaining large attention because of their slutty cast. Their models range from the most famous and the most popular ones. Expect Bella Jane, April Snow, Cherie DeVille, Cassie Cloutier, Kenzie Reeves, Lily Hall, Sherly Queen, Nadya Nabakova, Tara Ashley, Vanessa Sierram, Zoey Monroe and Misha Mynx. If these names still give you some doubts about the quality of porn contents this site offers, there’s no other way but to check it out.

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If you have a range of fetish when it comes to porn videos, PurgatoryX offers you a chance to choose between heaven and hell. If you want erotic, highly-orgasmic, and sensual contents, their ‘Heaven” is filled with softcore fucking scenes. On the other hand, if you want to enter “Hell”, you can expect exceptionally naughty, hard and dark fucking scenes that will surely wake up the devil in you. With PurgatoryX, the choice of pleasure is up to you.

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