Want to have some good time, but the porn site you’re watching is not giving you what you want? Then maybe PublicAgent is for you. PublicAgent has a unique and different approach in making you indulge in your sexual fantasies. By including dangerous situations, risky meetings with innocent girls, tricky encounters, just to satisfy your lust for these kinds of sexual desire. If you’re a type of person who enjoys all these kinds of stuff, then read on as you will be introduced to the newest fad online.

PublicAgent is an online adult site that uses a tough man behind the camera who captures all the exciting videos of girls who are lured into modeling with a bunch of cash in exchange. The girls agreed to the offer, and who wouldn’t? They were given a good sum of money, a promised modeling contract, and a surprise. Little did they know that this is all a big setup, for a grander motive. Go to PublicAgent and watch these videos, created to let you enjoy tricking women into having sex. With a massive long shaft, a healthy pocket of cash, and a promised career in a snap, that is all he needs to outwit a woman into fucking him. Stay tuned and be amaze as how these videos were made for the sole purpose of entertainment and sexual relief.

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Design and Features

PublicAgent website has a white and gray brick wall as its background, giving you that clean and vintage appeal. A hint of yellow and blue is used to spice up the website, making it fun and exciting. The videos and images are arranged according to the newest upload, and are given a brief description for viewers out there. The font style and lettering is fun and comical, and easy to read. The buttons are dynamic and clear. There are no infuriating ads and clickbaits hidden somewhere in the page. The look is professional, yet fun and friendly. Videos and images are also in HD and loads faster than others from the net. Discreetness and security are a top priority of the site, so you can be sure that your secret is safe with PublicAgent.

New videos and images are uploaded each week; you won’t run out of anything new, from girls, to new plots and new stories that you can fantasize about. Each video are from your everyday scenes like a woman sitting on a bench, a woman who just got out of a grocery store or a sexy lady jogging in the park, and that random man just comes in to try to tempt them into sucking his cock. How exciting is that? The only question is, will these gorgeous ladies, trying to live their normal lives, agree to the man’s offer, all for the love of money and a promised modeling career? Sign up now and watch these unsuspecting ladies with breathtaking sexy bodies fall for the man’s trap. You will surely enjoy watching how a random man has the guts to make that naughty offer, but eventually get what he wants.

Girls and Videos

Girls from all over the world are given this exciting offer, and whoever agrees are handed hefty cash, and an even larger cock. The exciting part is that the girls are photographed in their panties and bras, but they did not expect to show more than that. Some girls agreed and were taken in a more secluded place to perform all the man’s demand and sexual intentions. Who wouldn’t like a wild adventure while taking a risk not to get caught by a cop passing by? The thrill do not stop there; the man will just keep on indulging to his desires, thanks to his pocket full of cash that can surely lure some girls to get what he needs to get done.

If you’re a hot ass mom dying to pay electric and pay tuition, would you decline the offer for some dollar bills? Heck no, right? So if you’re willing to do anything for money and a lucrative modeling job, then this offer is good for you. And while there are people out there who can’t shed a sweat like this man does, PublicAgent on your computer screen will be a better option. The videos from the site are made in HD so you won’t be complaining of crappy resolution that can definitely kill a steamy moment. These videos are made from one hundred percent real events, not scripted, not directed, and not made-up.


In entirety, PublicAgent is the newest internet mania that everyone is crazy about. So if you’re into something different and special, something wild and exhilarating, then you will definitely enjoy PublicAgent. It’s unlike any other adult site, the concept is totally different and new, and probably not for everyone’s taste. But if your taste is distinct and exquisite like the man behind the camera who’s doing all that action for you, then you are some kind of a special guy.

Don’t waste any more time, try this exciting but fun way of exploring your sexuality and making all your erotic desires come true. It’s like watching a thriller movie and seeing yourself at the edge of your seat, worrying if you will get caught. But the best part is that, you will not be caught because the videos are in an ideal situation, and will only give you the sexual satisfaction that you’ve been dreaming about. So hurry now and don’t waste your money and effort for those porn sites and other adult sites that has the same contents, and same boring girls, sign up with PublicAgent and turn those tiresome nights into wild and fiery action.

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