Something about a video filmed with the intention for it to only be shown to a few special people is hot. When that video somehow makes its way to being broadcasted on a larger scale, it’s that much hotter, because it feels like a juicy secret learned, and the rush of being bad gets you going before the fun even truly starts. Everybody loves a private show! If you can relate to this statement and the feeling associated with it, PrivateTeenVideo is a site you should definitely spend some time exploring.

Content is real and as raw as it comes, with much of it being shot on private and portable cameras and in locations ranging from bedrooms to alleyways and public restrooms. It’s not your average, overacted porn filmed on a set with a cut scene every few seconds, but don’t think for a minute that it’s not quality and cum-worthy in its own way. It’s dirty in the best kind of way, and you need not worry too much about the commitment to a single, specific site, because membership to PrivateTeenVideo earns you unlimited access to the entire TeenMegaWorld network. This gives you 33 sites to pick from, and with all the daily updates this includes, the package as a whole adds up to more sexy tight ass and naughty fun than you could ever hope to enjoy with any competitors. I’d almost call it a steal!

Design & Features

The design of the splash page is a refreshing change to the typical one inch square thumbnails that provide the video previews for other sites. On PrivateTeenVideo, you’ll get a series of full-sized, digital images depicting various frames of the scene you’re about to enjoy, along with a description that will have you growing before you ever click in. Just reading about how I’m about to enjoy watching a hot girl give it up in a public alleyway in the middle of the day is enough to make my face hot and my heart race, and it’s nice to know what I should expect.

The hardest part is keeping it in your pants long enough to load the video! It’s delightfully easy to navigate between result pages when you are patient enough to perform a search, as they’re laid out in the simplest way possible, stacked for an easy-to-see scroll, with a search bar available at the top to further aid in matching you with what you’re looking for. Membership is a requirement if you want to explore beyond the tour pages, and there isn’t a lot of content to base your decision off of, but this strict, professional operation allows for a complete absence of ads once you’re actually inside the member section of the site, and the pay-off feels a lot like sweet victory. It’s far from difficult to get what you want once you’ve been granted access, considering all the options PrivateTeenVideo provides you with.

You can navigate manually and go by what appears first in the list based on ratings, but video tags are attached to each clip to aid in your search if you find yourself becoming impatient for the fun to start. If you’re very specific in the type of video you enjoy and want to take the simplest route, you can follow a trail of recommended suggestions based on what you’ve already watched. Even if you’re a little more adventurous, these can be helpful when you’re not sure where to turn. There are also plenty of options for downloads, whether you want the full-length highest quality download, or to chop it up into easy to download bits, it’s all up to you! Being in the driver’s seat is always a plus, especially when the road ahead is filled with hot girls going to great lengths to get you off.

Girls & Videos

Now, on to what you really want to hear about; the models. PrivateTeenVideo girls are 100% amateur, but also some of the hottest and best at handling cock that I’ve ever seen. These girls really ham it up for the camera, flashing all kinds of skin and bending over eagerly in front of the lucky man with the camera. The setup for the sex often includes a bit of banter from the girls, and they’ll have you raring to go before they even take it off. There can be no doubt that they love what they’re doing, with many of them fully embracing their love putting on a show for their intended audience. If you’re a fan of the POV shot and seeing the face of the girl you’re getting off to, you’ll be especially delighted by the selection on PrivateTeenVideo, because there’s no shortage of in your face action to be found here.

The angles are different and the videos more personal and the resulting heat will leave you begging for more. Between PrivateTeenVideo and all of its sister sites on the TeenMegaWorld network, there are thousands of girls to be enjoyed, and they come in pretty every type you could imagine. One thing they all have in common are fresh faces and an intense thirst for cock, and sometimes pussy too! I was astounded by the diversity to be found on the site. Of course, you can filter videos by the standard categories, but even the variety within a specific category is enough to be impressed by. Very rarely do you get such a sweet combination of quality and quantity, and it’s an opportunity that definitely should not be passed up.


If you’re into feeling naughty, and playing voyeur to somebody else’s secret sex stash, PrivateTeenVideo is the site for you. Membership earns you awesome co-access to all of the content of PrivateTeenVideo as well as that of its sister sites and the hot girls just keep coming. There are videos of all kinds to be seen, and there truly is something for everyone. You need look no further in your search for quality, finger-licking good action in all sorts of private locations. PrivateTeenVideo will bring the fun to you!

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