The Private is the mega-site, the flagship page of the Private Entertainment, which is one of the largest porn providers. This studio produces heavy hardcore porn videos, with gorgeous girls; you can enjoy the videos of professionals and newbies too. The site launched in 1997, so it’s a pretty old website, though it seems that they started to upload the content in 2003. It’s no big deal though, because the older scenes (the studio itself is more than 50 years old) are available on another site of the studio. It doesn’t need to be mentioned, but as you might expect, all content of the site is exclusive, though everything you can see here is available in physical form on DVDs. As an extra, you get access to network sites, and if you need more porn, there is a Video on Demand service for you.

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Design & Features

Taking the tour on the Private’s home page is a very arousing experience. On the top, you can see the main menu. All options are working. You can list the scenes and the included sites, along with the movies (DVDs). From this menu, you can go to the Classics’ sites. Maybe the best thing about the tour is the unlimited access to the models’ list, where you can browse through all the hot girls who ever worked for the studio. You will find here details about them, even their real names are featured, along with their physical attributes and a short description. The members’ zone isn’t much different, so if you become familiar with the tour page, you won’t have problems navigating through the inner section. The search engine is based on the keyword tags that you find at all content. This makes it much easier to navigate through the videos.

Maybe the only issue with the site is that there is no separate section for pictures, all photos and video captions are available from the videos’ page. For online watching, the site offers you a rather fast embedded player. It’s based on Flash, though most of the newer videos are in MP4 rather than FLV. Each video is available for download. The newest scenes are available in Full-HD resolution, while the rest of the videos are provided in normal, 720p HD or in Standard-Definition DVD quality. The pictures are photos and video captions, and each set consists of nearly 400 files, so they are rather large galleries. Each of them is available as zip files, so you can enjoy a slideshow of HQ pictures with your favorite program. As it’s expected from a top-notch porn provider, the Private has a really neat mobile website. On a basic smart phone running with Android, the site loaded up fast and the trailer played nicely.

Girls & Videos

You can’t write about the models of this studio without feeling the pant-snake rising. So, where shall we start? Let’s take a look at the ethnicities of the girls, not because it’s so important, rather because it’s one of the major factors that makes models database so varied. Naturally, you can find here Caucasians, Latinas and Ebony girls, just you can enjoy the hardcore performance of Asian cuties. Many girls here originate from Europe, and some of them just started to break into the industry. For example, Anjelica is working with the Private, and if you are a fan of cunts under twenty, you might find a dozen of her movies on one of the biggest networks that focus on hot fresh girls. (Google her if you don’t believe us.) She is hot, she is still natural, and though her face is a bit narrow, she is very cute, and she know what’s need to be done in a porn movie.

The site’s model database has some tags, and you can see that some of the models are called “Private Legend”, which means that they are big-shots of the studio. Surprisingly, the most popular girl is Michelle Wild, a Hungarian porn actress, who builds up her career from nothing, made dozens of porn videos. At this time she is retired from porn, and appears in series and shows on Hungarian television. She stopped her career at the top, and maybe her gorgeous body and amazing breasts are the reason why she is the most popular… though her eagerness to do anal might a good reason too. Well, the videos of Private. If you have a television with satellite, cable or any other extra service, you surely had the Private Spice in you channel list (but it was mostly broadcasting for European countries).

Though it’s not available now, you certainly remember switching to it when the night was dark, and masturbated a few times. Or if not the TV channel you had a shady DVD from one of your friends that had the sign of Private Entertainment on it. Now those videos today are usually considered as classic Private movies, but believe it, the new ones are just as exciting, or even more. You will find it that scenes are varied, and usually they are scripted. This is real hardcore porn, and if there is something that the Europeans are good at it making heavy hardcore. Nasty gangbang, lots of anal- and double-anal penetration, fetishes and a lot more juicy things are waiting for you, and all of them are something that you should see.

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