If you still haven’t found that one porn website you’ve been looking for then I’ve got a treat for you. We have been tasked to do a review on Pornstarplatinum, and I tell you this, this website is totally going to satisfy the beast inside of you. The moment I laid eyes on this beauty, it totally caught what every hot searching guy on this earth is looking for. The wildest, sexiest, craziest, and most climactic porn you will ever witness. Let me be honest first, I’m a real picky guy when it comes to porn sites, and my mercy won’t fall even to this big porn network, but seeing what it’s got to offer, I can’t resist but give it a positive review. So let’s begin by checking out what’s in store for us.

Pornstar Platinum picture

Design and Features

Once you enter their site it’s actually pretty good. You will be bombarded by a vast array of pictures and videos filled with amazing, sweaty girls just waiting to be clicked, but these are not just your ordinary porn stars. These girls have won titles and awards many times over. It also has a slideshow that features the many beauties in their sexiest moments, and I mean the wet and screaming moments you’ve been looking for. I would also like to commend their attention to detail and Hollywood-like titles on their featured stars and videos. If you look over to their links above you will find there a selection of scenes for star profiles categories and live shows, let me say that again, live show. Let’s take a moment and talk about the live shows this site has to offer, because I know many of the guys out there are sick and tired of just watching plain old porn videos so why not try and witness some porn video LIVE! And while you’re at it you can also contact your favorite porn stars, yes I said it, you can communicate with your favorite porn stars, and even ask for a video on demand request! These four stars will actually act for you on stage! This is every watcher’s dream! But also don’t forget to make sure you have a strong Internet connection, however, if the Internet is not that strong in your location you’re also be given an option to download these videos for later. But that’s not all. In today’s ever evolving video formats most mobile devices can catch up, but no need to worry because Pornstarplatinum videos supports all mobile devices that are able to play videos in their Internet browser. Do you know what that means? It means you can watch your favorite porn star in school or at work or even while traveling! But if you ever find yourself wanting to explore other porn networks, not to worry, because once you’re a member, you get free access to multiple porn sites too! It’s like catching a dozen birds with one stone!

Girls and Videos

What are guys really looking for? What do guys really crave for? It’s the intensity and realness of the scenes, and this site will certainly not come short when it comes to that because the girls in their site like Alura Jensons, Amy Brooke to Miss Valentine, these stars have been featured in movies and awards for their well-known authenticity on screen! But not only that, the videos are mostly HD, which will surely deliver a clear and Hi-Res entertainment until Moby dick sprouts some waves! Also, while you’re enjoying your videos and interactions with these porn stars, this website is all geared up to produce and upload new videos every single day! As for the LIVE shows, they offer it two or three times a week! That’s more than enough to keep your eye on the prize! But if you’re too excited enough to not wait for long for the next featured video, this site also gives out trailers just like a Hollywood movie! However, if you find yourself too busy at work and had been absent from visiting the site, don’t worry, you can always catch up the moment you connect because the site will arrange the videos from the oldest to the latest video. They even spent time providing us the highest rated videos in their network so you won’t have to search for it! The rates are of course based on the number of views and favorites of their fellow members! But if you’re like me, I’m not only interested in the video itself, a little description gets me turned on as well, but who better to write the video comments than the porn stars themselves! Yes, the porn stars will actually give video descriptions and talk about their porn scenes! What better way to get you fired up than to have the very stars talk about how innocent they are but are about to get drilled in the end?! Now to the collective summary of their videos and pics. This site has a galloping number of 2,300 Galleries and 200 pictures each, 1,600 scenes for 20 minutes each, and as for the download limit… THERE IS NO DOWNLOAD LIMIT!


After reviewing Pornstar Platinum, it’s a pretty competitive pornwebsite and a great find for an official porn site. In terms of the network’s maneuverability, you can pretty much get the hang of it the moment you surf through the site since it’s new user friendly. Another important fact is that It’s really rare to find legit sites that delivers high quality videos and entertainment. Also with their huge numbers of videos, pictures and activities, any viewer would keep coming back to it. I find it personally addictive too because their interactive options give the viewers a lot of excitement. So if I were to rate this one, I’d give it a perfect 10.

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