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Name Violet Starr
Birth date December 23, 1996
Birth Location Tampa, Florida
Height 5’5″
Measurments 36C-26-38
Number of movies 20+

The early life

With a great enthusiasm for men with goals and ambitions, Violet Starr can be easily turned on by matured lovers. She loves dating them and giving them typically everything they ask from her, including anal sex. Violet keeps her mouth-watering figure by doing yoga, mostly on beautiful beaches. She’s an aerial sport and figure skating enthusiast as well. But no matter how busy, she makes it sure that she can spend time for herself, and for her friends and family.

Born on December 23, 1996, Violet Starr is a lovely brunette that had spent her childhood with a good and stable family in the beautiful area of Tampa, Florida. She is a 5’5 brunette that can turn on any man with her 36C-26-38 measurements. She had discovered her fetish in sex when her boyfriend recorded the intercourse that happened between them. Oftentimes, Starr had watched the video with her then-boyfriend and just laughed about it. Years after that, she had come up to a realization that she loved to be with other people, wanting to be with them, have sex with them but without commitment. Oftentimes, the people around her remarked that she was not normal because she doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

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Her Career in the porn industry

Since high school, Violet has dreamed of being a porn actress. Of course, her family is against it. However, on April 2016, she officially started her porn career. After the launch of her initial scenes, she took a break in hope that an agency could see her potentials and represent her. During that break, she had continued doing some sexy projects with OC Modeling until she became a stripper. But she had never learned to love discretion and very soon, she had appeared in webcam shows. The more audience she has, the happier she gets.

Her first straight sex in an official porn video was shot for Raw 27. To her, the experience was mind-boggling because her partner was amazing. She had discovered that her fetish is having rough sex, doing doggie styles and anal sex. She begs for her hair to be pulled and her tight pleasures holes to get filled all at once. Right now, she has over 120 videos showcasing a variety of porn moves and categories. While she has so far dedicated to shooting solo scenes, straight sex and threesomes, she plans to film crazier and more out-of-this-world porn videos in the future. A personal Youtube channel for her sexual adventures is in her plans as well.

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