When you are out on a nice day and find yourself feeling hungry you would think of getting something big, juicy and filling. A nice big patty between some hot buns like an extra-large burger could do it. Or maybe even a piping hot slice of the largest pizza in town. Whatever it may be you’re craving for, you’ll want to get yourself filled. So something hearty and huge should do it.

Sex isn’t far from that either and if you want to get a dose of that big beautiful booty then look no further! Plump Mature is here to save the day. This is the porn site for all your Big Woman needs. All the lovely ladies here are huge, plump women who are eager for some lovin’. Care to take a look deeper? Well, let’s get to the deeds, shall we?

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Design and Features

Plump Mature caters to those who love that inflated momma with the big tits and that huge ass and the whole round business. The logo of the site is reminiscent of a juicy cheesecake that is ready to be devoured. Topped with cherries that are ready to pop, the buxom ladies here are all eager to get their own cherries popped all over again. The overall design of the site makes you think of a fruit that’s ripened to its core and is ready for you to give in to its sweetened juices. The deep color of red wine graces the background as it keeps all the important pieces of the website in its center where it’s supposed to be.

The home page shows you a sneak peek of what’s inside. Their large banner at the topmost part of the page has a bunch of pictures edited together to give you a feel of what it is like. The models are all big, mature honeys who are ready for that hanky panky and it shows! Their lovely, juicy pussies are dripping wet and are ready to get fucked hard. Top Rated Models are displayed right below the banner and these are the ladies who all the members deem worthy of anyone’s time.

These big, hot mommas are shining quite splendidly and have been captured in their most beautiful state. You’ll be itching to see more of what they can do. Right underneath that we get to see the top rated updates. These are the videos that have all the men going wild. A short description of the lovely lady and what transpires in the video can be seen on the right hand of the video and who the lovely model on the video is. You have a choice whether you would like to go ahead and watch the movie or go and check out her model’s page first.

The models page has all of the fluffy minxes displayed one after the other. The entire page is filled with these oldies but goodies as they pose in scantily clad underwear for the most seductive photo session they have. They’re all amateur bombshells but are all experienced veterans when it comes to the battlefield of sex. Every model will have their name on top of their photo, the number of videos they have on the site, and the number of photos they have had taken. Every model has their own quirks but they’re big and beautiful mommas who are ready to get their pussies wet and pounded into.

The updates page has all the recent videos lined up and ready to be viewed by its members. Every video has a short title that describes the content of the video and it usually defines the full buxom ladies and their adventures with huge dongs. A favorite counter can be found right at the bottom of each video and tags or keywords are there to easily find your favorite one. The search bar on the right provides access to your favorite ones and the keywords are also there to help you find the most popular ones that are most searched on the site.

Girls and Videos

The girls on the website are plenty and offer a whole lot of sex kitten variety into the table. They all have that big and beautiful factor that the chubby lovers out there know and love, and they pull off daring sexual acts whether solo or with a partner like any other porn star out there. Double the size means double the fun and you can truly say that it is the case here at Plump Mature.

Lovely lady Arkadia is a big mommy hungry for that big meaty cock. She loves male attention as per her description and it shows. The way she moves on her solo adventures pleasuring herself and looking intently at the camera with the most seductive eyes is proof of that. She would gladly finger that huge twat of hers or grab the nearest dildo to reach those sexual heights that she so barely needs. A chubby goddess in her own right, Arkadia is the big beautiful woman you need to see.


Plump Mature is the porn haven for all the chubby lovers out there. It’s inflation at its finest with these robust ladies out to take over your world and your cock. The whole website itself is easy to use and such a breeze to navigate around. The search bar provided coupled with the most popular search keywords right underneath it while you’re looking around for the perfect video you need to jack off to. Join now and be one with the world and these stupendously hot, huge and gorgeous vixens for the wildest fuckfest of your life.

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