Playboy Site Overview

In December 1953, a beautiful blonde named Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover of a freshly made magazine called Playboy. Sixty years and many other beautiful women later, Playboy has reached another status, now being much more than your average magazine. It has become one of the world’s most known brands, its site being reinvented in over 20 nation-specific versions. There is more than meets the eye, as it’s not only about the playmates, although they are a big part of it. Playboy is known to have a history of publishing short stories by incredible writers such as Arthur C. Clarke, Vladimir Nabokov, Chuck Palahniuk, Ray Bradbury and Margaret Atwood and has monthly interviews from public figures like artists, economists, composers, film directors, journalists, religious figures, politicians and many more. I think it’s safe to say that Playboy is not a site; it’s a way of life.

The Playmates of the Playboy Brand

As you scroll through the photos of all the women that have hopped along during all this time, you can see how the perception of the female body has changed throughout the periods. The vintage pictures are really extraordinary. There are beautiful women riding their bikes in the sunny parks. Blonde goddesses raise their ethereal skirts just a bit over their knees and look playfully at the river next to them. Lacey hippies are looking at the sunset and daydreaming. Ebony dancers stretch their bodies after a hard workout. Sexy glances are forwarded from hazelnut eyes. Finesse and class are two of the words that these photos are reaching for.
For a more in-depth view of these ladies, there is the Playboy Plus site, where high resolution and high definition are found in every sexy picture and every hot video, respectively. You can find on Playboy TV different types of shows. Couples are taught the art of love-making and how to spice things up in the bedroom. Feisty cheerleaders jump in unison, jiggling their bosoms underneath the short shirts. Fearless amazons go courageously, chest-first, to a meeting with danger with a smile on their faces. Struggling women do anything to make themselves known to the Playboy public, and that means to you, too. Shy dames reveal their dirtiest secrets to you. Consider yourself lucky and don’t tell anyone! Amateur girls look lusciously at the camera, touching themselves and biting their lips. Professionals invite you to their private lair, creating intimate moments and asking you to be part of their world. Flexible strippers dance lascivious next to the dance pole, swaying around it to the rhythm of the music. These and many more are found on the website, and the girls are waiting for you to make your acquaintance!


Playboy has extended over 8 different sites, each having its own specific purpose, but the main goal being the members’ satisfaction. The Playboy Store offers clients merchandise ranging from clothes, glasses to perfumes, wallets and skateboards, all with your favorite bunny printed on them. The Playboy Archive reveals the magazine’s issues since the beginning till nowadays. Playboy Enterprises tells more about the site’s story and presents to the world the major impact it has had during the years. Playboy Events gives you the possibility of booking playmates for film, advertising, fashion, shows, campaigns and night club appearances. The Playboy Radio is exactly what its name is all about, with almost 30 shows talking about dating, sex, some of them sprinkled with a dose of humor. Playboy TV features videos with your favorite girls, separated in different genres, like comedy, documentary, drama or reality. Playmates is the place where you can see pictures of the beautiful Playboy girls throughout the history of the site and where you can also subscribe to the newsletter to get more information about them. There are many more surprises, so feel free to wander around and simply enjoy!


Two of the sites offered, Playboy Plus and Playboy TV, cn take you by the hand and let you see what the girls have in store. Whatever you want to get out of the sites, maybe a quick peek behind the curtains or a full time stay, there are prices for every budget and desire. For two days, you can become a member for only $1. If that is not enough and you want more, there is also the monthly membership at $28.90, where you can relax and enjoy the fun. You’d like some more? Then, why not try the 3-month membership at $57.69? That means $22.59 per month and, in total, you’ll save up $29 over the one month membership. That’s like paying for only two months! If these seem like meager numbers and you’d like to be a full year member, the payment is $135.39 for only $11.28 per month. Your savings sum up to $212 over a monthly membership and you can enjoy Playboy even more! The HD videos and great quality can not only be accessed through your computer, but through your mobile phone, too, on Android and iOS. With Playboy, you have unlimited streaming and downloading nude celebrities, playmates, cyber girls and more in a safe and secure environment to join with daily exclusive updates. So, slide to unlock, press some buttons and become a member now!
Also, there is the Playboy Archive, where you can read all your favorite issues since the bunny first wagged its tail! Want to see the last issue of the magazine? No problem, with just $19.95 yearly membership per year, which is about $1.66 per month, you can see the current issue and every new one as it comes out. If you want more than that, with $8 per month, you can have the same as the yearly membership, but also unlimited access to the complete archive and unlimited search. And if you want a combination between the two, you could choose the annual membership with just $5 per month, having the same benefits as the monthly one. So, what are you waiting for?

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