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The site is about as welcoming as it can get, leaving no space for needless eye candy, much like its content. It gets right down to the action, with a lot of hardcore previews of the many videos and photos that the site has. In each and every one of them, Pascal is featured, with some new slutty UK girl, ready to explore her kinkiest desires. The previews themselves lead to the joining page, one that offers quite the perks, should you become a member of this ever growing community. The videos themselves are easily accessible and once you join, you could find the one you like straight away, thanks to the well-made sorting options, as well as the search bar. Likewise, each girl has her own page and their stories are published on the site. The stories tend to be very kinky, and Pascal means business. I have to praise the site on its great speed and response time, getting you what you need in a matter of seconds. That goes as well for the mobile version, being nicely optimized.

Girls & Videos

When it comes to sluts, Pascal knows what to choose, and they are very grateful, engaging in some very kinky and nasty sex with him. Expressing gratitude in the best possible way ever, these girls get down on their knees and suck off his huge cock, but only to get him hard, after what he proceeds to fuck the living hell out of them, making for a very nice video. Though, there are many videos, and many girls, all different when it comes to the kind of fucking they prefer. Some like to be roped down, while others prefer their hands and feet a bit freer, only to jump on Pascal and scream their lungs out.

However, they have a lot of space in those mouth, as deepthroat action is always present, as soon as they get their hands on his huge dick. The entire video, each lasting over half an hour, is completely full of hardcore sex. You have to praise the full HD resolution, as well, along with the perks you would get by joining. The perks are, of course, the downloads of the videos and the photos. The videos are able to be downloaded, and at great speed, too, something that is very nice, especially since we would love to have porn on our drives quickly. With a very cheap price, getting so much good content becomes a gift.


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