Here’s something to think about: Have you always dreamt of crazy dominating dreams of filling up a girl to the brim? In fact, filling her up in both of her hot slippery holes? Then Only DP is the site of your wildest and dirtiest fantasies. This site is jam-packed with hot girls who are stuffed with cocks in both holes. They are filled up just the way you like it. If you’ve ever dreamt of double penetration the way this site delivers their videos then surely you will not be disappointed!

These sexy girls want to suck and fuck, and they can’t get enough of being rammed and fucked in both holes until their eyes are all white from the sheer ecstasy of the sensation of having both their holes full of huge dicks going all the way inside of them. These girls are ready to be in their most revealing state and dare to show you some of the most incredible double penetrations you’ve never seen before. Double the holes, double the dicks, double the fun! You are surely going to click on every video as these girls just love being penetrated in each hole. All they ask for is a dick to fill each hole.

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Design and Features

OnlyDP’s layout fits like a glove to the kind of videos they have on offer and the kind of audience that they are after. The target market caters to the kind who love’s girls that get down and dirty and would want to be filled to the brim. As OnlyDP is a proud affiliate of PornStarNetwork, you are sure to get quality videos and high tier girls in the site. Having a long standing ground in the internet world, with some videos that have withstood space and time itself, OnlyDP knows which buttons to push to their target market, and that’s you. So you are in the right hands in this website. Trust me.

The website presents itself plain and simple because they know the real reason you choose to stay and that is the wild ride the girls have themselves in. Videos are presented in a clear cut way, it’s there once you open the site. You can choose to see the preview videos of any girl that strikes your fancy and judge from there whether this wonderful figure of a woman is the right one to take a peek at. The names of the girls are presented at the top of every video so if you want to find the right one while scrolling past all that bare skin, you can remember the girl’s name and start searching for her.

The length of the video can also be found on top so you can choose which kind of lengthy action you are up to watching. While you decide if the video is the right one for you, you can check the photos that are available for viewing of the video presented. These are mostly crotch shots and of course the glorious holes of the girls being pounded oozing out all the love juice. Now isn’t that a nice feast for the eyes?

Girls and Videos

The videos are quite what you’d expect for specialty websites. They satisfy those with that specific kink and bring out a well-balanced and frankly, quite hot video of heart thumping action between the lucky girl and the two hulking dicks that are ready to take her on. One such lovely example is when the male actor shoves his into her mouth as the other does so too. Talk about double penetration.

The girls featured in the website are quite a handful so let’s get on and pick a few, shall we? First up we have Kelly Wells. She is a lovely blonde who isn’t far from top tier hotness with the warm charm that could melt that frozen heart of yours. Her curvaceous body and sultry voice is sure to capture you in both mind and libido! She can take you in whole and have that extra hole ready for another. You cannot resist the temptation this girl’s masterfully presents herself as so go on and dig in. You deserve to see and almost feel the rush in the heat of the moment with Kelly.

Aurora Snow is the kind of brunette you’d take to your family. Looks real innocent but is a monster in bed. Her cute smile could easily melt your heart while her hearty moans could get yours springing into action in no time. She has a particular video done outdoors in the poolside and it’s a lovely view from bottom up seeing as her holes look like they are begging for more. She can definitely hold her ground too as she can not only take on double the load but double the cock inside her mouth. Talk about talented!


Not everyone is as crazy as some of us when it comes to the art of making love. Double penetration is as wonderful and magical an art form as it is a pleasurable experience for those involved, and yes, that’s including you as the spectator. Girls that are willing and would gladly take on the challenge of being penetrated in both holes at the same time aren’t necessarily rare but if you come by one that loves the kink as much as you do, then you are in for a wild time! If you decide to join now, you get free trial access for every video meaning you get the chance to see a few glorious minutes of steaming hot material to fap to.

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