Opening a premium porn website named Only All Sites had already made us happy based on the pictures that we were seeing for they were seductive and clearly this network was not only going to cover many sites, as its name suggests, but apparently we were going to be one of many who would delight in this site. At the moment though we felt like it was cool being the “only” one who was on this particular site. Right away, we could tell that this was going to be one hell of a site when we read what they said is contained within. For example, they say that we will be able to view 2,468,194 images, and also 5,437 videos.

All of this is going to involve a total of 791 models too! Now those are impressive numbers to be sure. Reading ahead a bit, we also see that they claim to specialize in the erotic, and never show the life-threatening or even the dangerous. They also have an interesting application on the top of their site that proclaims that they are 100 teases, 100% exclusive as well as being 100% beauty oriented. So, now we are secure in what they mean when saying they never boast about being hardcore.

Top porn site for sexy models.

Design and Features

You must agree that the name of this network being Only All Sites is a bit weird. Well, we wondered ourselves what it meant until we learned that it relates to their having sites that are all called ONLY something. For example, there is Only Tease, Only Opaques, Only Silk and Satin, Only Secretaries, Only Melanie and finally Only Carla. Keep those names in the forefront of your mind, for later we will remind you of their titles and for good reason. Actually if you love seeing sexy women decked out in uniforms, lingerie, stockings and socks, then this is going to be the sites for you! Again we mention websites in the plural because this is the network that carries all those sites.

Each of their sites has got to be the most professional we have ever seen. Every picture is, can we say picture perfect here? Each video is so wondrous that you will probably gasp as we did when the videos got going. If you enjoy the feminine beauty as we do, you can be sure that this will fit your imagination quite well. Many have even said that it supersedes their imagination. Thus, it appears that this developer of porn does an excellent job. Now, be forewarned that the content here is softcore, never hardcore. Also, there are times when you will not even see nudity. Instead, you will be viewing hot brunettes, the sexiest of blondes and, of course, those porcelain-skinned redheads that are so difficult to find. The greater majority of their content will focus on the pantyhose and stockings, and you will see that the stripteases are bounteous as well as very lavish. Of course if you are a high heel fanatic, you will be very suitably impressed with this unique site network as well.

The many picture albums that are featured here can be set as slide shows. That means that you can view the images without having to press any buttons, and the slides will go from one picture to the next at the rate you set them for. Hmm…did we say hands-free? Oh, yeah! This has turned into a mega site, to be honest with you. That means that you rarely have to wait for any of the sites to put in new material. In fact, updates are fairly regular in most of their sites, for which we were immensely thankful.

Girls and Videos

Those who are not used to even trying to look at a softcore site may very well be asking that question. Picture yourself in a market and everything in the store is so disorganized that you are pushing your cart down the same aisle four and five times in a row. You would, of course, begin to lose patience. This site is the best-organized market you have ever had the pleasure of visiting. By having everything organized, and now making all easy to find, you feel warm toward the site and want to visit them as often as possible. It has also been said that the fact that this is softcore as well as totally beautiful makes women flock to be on this site whereas they often turn down some of the hardcore locales since they do not wish to be associated with hardcore.


Actually when told what it will cost for all the sites and what each will contain, most people are very surprised and feel that it is a bargain. You will receive the right to visit all the sites for only $44.95 for one month if you wish to go for only one month. If instead you feel that it would be in your best interests to go on a two-month deal instead, then this is going to cost $74.95 for the two months. Finally, if you desire to go for a 90-day membership which means for three months, then that is the best bet yet, for that will cost you only $99.95 for three months instead. As you can see, it would be much cheaper to go for the three-month price. Payment may be made via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, Maestro, and others inclusive of PayPal as well.

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