I always loved it when people would submit videos of them fucking their girlfriends, whether it was done in a room, outside, or somewhere in between, it was always good, as the experience is realistic and really enjoyable. Even when the girls end up not being actually nude, it did arouse me, maybe even more than when they were butt naked, taking a huge cock. This way, by watching the videos on mynngf, I was able to let my imagination run wild and go crazy.

Design & Features

I love the simplistic nature of this premium porn site, not wasting resources on needless eye candy, yet providing you with good content, without losing any of the cutting edge looks that most modern sites have. The fact is that once you see the home page, the one filled to the top with images of very fresh girls, most of them chicks, you could not end up without getting aroused. The giant collage of images from the videos is great, along with all the preview videos that are located below it. With a nice, colorful home page, it is easy to get lost in the sea of innocent girls, showing us a lot, without actually showing more than you could see on a beach. The site has nice filters that fit the sorting option nicely, making the search for the videos easier. I do love the navigation of the site, the fact that it is very fast and sleek, even on mobile phones, allowing for a very good browsing experience.

Girls & Videos

What I really enjoyed while browsing the pages of the site, and let me tell you, browse I did, and it was quite a lot, was the content and its quality. The videos are mostly full HD, giving me the pleasure of watching all the lovely fresh girls in an environment which allows for close ups and very beautiful shots of the stunning fresh bodies in the most taunting ways possible. The girls themselves are about as various as you could imagine, ranging from blonds to Asians, including ebony girls, all of them innocent, in a way, up to the moment where they start making your pussies wet and your dicks huge. I was fascinated and excitfreshed both at the same time, seeing a girl who looks absolutely beautiful and adorable, so fresh that she in fact should not even be on camera, but apparently old enough to know a lot of tricks to seduction. With stripping, touching and dancing in front of the camera, all you can do, as the viewer, is watch and wait, wait to catch a tiny glimpse of a nipple, or maybe her pussy, but alas, that did not happen. What it does do, except leaving you aroused, wanting for more, is activating your imagination, something that makes for an even more sensual experience. Videos are full feature, all above twenty minutes. Counting should do the trick here, but you may get lost in the sheer amount of great quality adult videos you would have for the price of one site.


As mentioned, mynngf does not show a single nipple or a single pussy, and yet it is able to wake up your most intricate thoughts about sex and passion, thus driving you insane, up to the point where you would end up exploding by just touching yourself. If you add to that the fact that all the videos and photos you would get access to are available for downloading, and the fifteen sites that come for the price of one, mynngf becomes something more than a treasure cave it already was.

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