Mad Porn is a network of sites that provides viewers with a host of dynamic sex action featuring ex-girlfriends. It is touted as one of the largest user-submitted video platforms on the net today. The videos are original shootings of individuals in sex action in a variety of places. Being user submitted, it comes with special elements that make it simple and easy to relate with.

Popular porn site paid with amateur content.

Design and Features

The home page is wrapped in glossy black and milk white background hues. There is nothing really spectacular except that the designers have made a deliberate effort to make it ease and user-friendly. There is a host of user tools that make it easy for you to check out the content on the platform. I had the option of either navigating the site or the network. There is a browse list on the left side of the homepage. Users can use the list to check out content on Mad Porn. You even have a free tour page from which you can catch a brief peek at what the platform has to offer. There are content tags to allow you to select content from each site too.

There is a clear effort to make your visit on the platform smooth sailing and fun. Although I could see any search tool, the alternative browsing options served me just fine. Users also have access to the drop down menu on the home page. The menu offers a quick view into the services that can be accessed with membership to the platform. I know you are waiting to hear of bonuses. Well, you are lucky on that front too. Users can access up to five network sites including Busted on Film, Pawn Your Sex Tape, Revenge TV and Your Girlfriends. You will certainly get on the wider network what you do not get locally and directly from Mad Porn. I could also stream videos as much as I wished in a range of formats including MP4 and the robust Flash Player formats.

The videos and images on Mad Porn are updated on regular basis. You are treated to great-quality flicks with and high res photos just so you love the form and the content in the same breath. If you have a thing for amateur content, Mad Porn provides you with an array of amateur sex performances that will tick you to the bone.

Girls and Videos

Although you might wonder whether it is really true that the scenes capture real exes in action, I must say; whatever the case, the models have done a great job at simulating such scenarios. Expect great variety in content and quality because these are meant to be user submitted flicks. Some of the shots are captured with hidden cameras in which the performers have no clue that someone is recording their naughty sex acts. Thus, if anyone is really mad and raging angry, it must be the cuties that have been captured on camera.

I loved the hardcore sex action that features the dynamic and sexy hot cuties in real stimulating sex encounters. I loved the true amateur videos that come alive on Mad Porn. There are scenes that show the girls in solo masturbation acts. They flick their own clits and moan in erotic fashion with intense desire. It is hard not to respond in resonance to the proceedings on the platform.


Mad Porn embraces a unique porn theme of ex-girlfriend and revenge antics of relationships. The hot and sexy cuties have done a great job at it. There are sufficient user tools that make your visit fun and memorable.

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