Think about having a change? Maybe going for something different and trying out a new site, with new content? How about an old-new site, one that has been around for 19 years and has hosted ladyboys since then? Well, you are in luck, because this is the original ladyboy site, called Ladyboy-Ladyboy, where you get to see beautiful Asian t-girls fuck and suck, masturbate and show off, all to please you, their viewers, all to have fun and simply, because they love sex.

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Design and Features

As far as designs go, this site really has a good one, one that I have not seen at other sites. What makes it so great is the fact that it is really simple to use, and very friendly when it comes to viewing and searching for videos. The style of the home page is red with blue borders and a lot of previews for you, as part of a free tour. The texts do explain some of the stories of the models, and they help guide you to join, as that makes you able to see all the best videos that they have. With sorting options and that search bar to guide and help you, you can easily find whatever content you might be searching for.

Girls and Videos

Speaking of customer care, is there a better way to care for your customers than to show them content that will blow their minds and their genitals off? Well, no, so this is why this site is one of the best, if not the best when it comes to the ladyboys, and when it comes to the presentation of the content. With ladyboys, you know where you stand, they have incredibly cute Asian faces, they are really innocent looking, yet they know a lot more than it would seem at first. Their cocks are hard, and ready to be stroked by another lucky ladyboy, who loves sucking on it, and drinking the cum afterwards. Yes, blowjobs are a frequent thing here on the site, as is ass fucking. The way they handle their cocks and asses is pure passion, and pure seduction, too, as there is not many a thing that can make me as horny as seeing two tgirls fuck one another. If you think that a guy fucking a girl is fun, then wait until you see these tgirls do it, with their cute faces and moans of pleasure, and their incredible orgasms. When they cum at the same time, there is nothing else that exists but that moment. Well, I should say that they videos are lengthy, and they last over 20 minutes, each, and with over 3000 of them, there is a lot to see on this site, not to mention the photos, which are over 390000. With so much content, you should know that they have over 1000 models, and that their numbers are growing, just like those of the videos and photos.


So much to see on the site, and yet you still have not joined? Go on, you know you want to, the ladyboy await, on the first ever, original Asian ladyboy site, called Ladyboy-Ladyboy, where the real fun starts, once you see their dicks and their asses, you will wish to stay there for a long time, and stay you will.

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