Before you go to this premium porn site, you might wonder what it’s all about as we did. Must say however that we were not terribly surprised to find that the site is all about shaved pussies. We can take this one step further for you, for the site is all about shaven pussies that belong to totally delightful Asian women. MILFs are of course Mothers I’d Like to Fuck, but no matter, if you did not know, you have now been instructed as to its meaning. All of the women portrayed in this site are indeed Asians, and thus they all have that very delicate oriental look.

Thus they are sloe-eyed and have that extra supple skin that most Oriental women have as well as being ultra delicate. They all do however have something in common with each other, and that is that they are all shaved down there, and basically all of them indulge in downright frenetic sex actions It may be difficult for those acclimated to Japanese porn to imagine all of these girls performing sexually with shaved pubic hair. After all, it is the norm and quite natural for Japanese girls to sport quite a lot of pubic hair growth. Many consider it their crowning glory to have tons of dark curly pubic foliage. Granted very few women of Japanese extraction shave their mons. Thus, this is quite a new thing for them. Whether or not they feel embarrassment at having lost their crowning glories or not is debatable, but it is uncertain just how they felt about it.

There is one video that shows a Japanese male shaving his girlfriend. He lathers her all up and then using a straight razor denudes that entire area so that she is totally bald. Wishing that we had understood what was going on, we were unable to discern exactly how she felt. The various Japanese women that were used to make JP Shavers were, in fact, well known Japanese porn models. We do know that most Americans have said that they now prefer shaved beavers, but it may or may not have spread to Japan.

The lovely girls here are not only showing their bare beavers, but they are acting rather sensually with them. By that we mean that you will see them going down on guys and giving them incredible blow jobs, and at times you will even see them doing deep gullet swallowing of those cocks. But besides deep throat, you will find that these lovely Japanese women are also splendid at performing lesbian acts. They go to town on each other with plenty of licking action as well as making the other girl scream in pleasure as they finger them. Also now that they are totally shaved, you will find that there are some great shots of creampies available. Nothing like a creampie on a shaved beaver, we always say. Makes the creampie look even more appetizing than usual!

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Design and Features

We are euphoric to have observed that this site also shows quite a bit of uncensored material. Granted there are the occasional Japanese censored pussy pics and videos shown, but we are happy to say that it is not for the majority of them. There are also some really great videos and pictures featuring solo JP Shavers which no doubt will excite you to no end. Just being able to see the fingers utilized when playing with themselves is a treat, as they are usually hidden well under all the excess pubic hair. With the shaved beavers one can also spot the throbbing clit sometimes as well.

We had no idea either that the Japanese women were so gung ho to take part in group sessions, but this site will put that question to rest. Apparently they truly love it, and you’ll see that answer for yourself a great number of times. Granted those who participate in Bukkake had best like public sex, and since the Japanese invented it, we do not need to say more about this particular subject. Here and there you will also find some wild stuff. For instance, you will find that some of the girls may very well have a shoe fetish, and finally you will also see some of these gorgeous girls use dildos too. One other thing if you by any chance have a uniform fetish, they definitely will show you something here that you will seriously be thankful for!

Girls and Videos

The JP Shavers site is promulgated by the All Japanese Pass, who own quite a few different sites besides this particular one. For example, they also own Japanese Slurp, Japanese Flasher, Bukkake Now, Tokyo Bang and also Office Sex JP. Now, when you join JP Shavers, you will also be rewarded by being able to attend and take part in 21 of their sites. That means that you will have unlimited use of them and can download all you wish from each of them.


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