Japanese Matures Overview

Japanese Matures is the site that brings you the real Asian cougars. If you like Asian porn and you know all the AV porn stars from the country of the sunrise, you should check out the collection of this site. It has the most experienced and naughtiest geishas who can surely take care of all your needs, no matter how extreme or kinky they might be. The entire collection of this site is exclusive and authentically Japanese, so you are in for the real deal. Because the movies were shot in Japan, they are featuring genital censorship but don’t worry about it, because it’s done in the form of a slight blur of the pens and vagina. Also, not all movies are censored, and you will be able to find the uncensored ones through a filtering options. Learn more about this site from the rest of our review, because we looked into every aspect of it so that you will know if what they offer is what you need.


Japanese Matures is part of the All Japanese Pass network, and it shares the same interface as the rest of the network’s sites. You will only come across useful tools and functions that will make your experience as a user as flawless as possible. The entire collection is displayed through medium thumbnails of increased explicitly so that you will have an insight of the movie before you even click on it. Once you click on it, you will be taken to the streaming page, where a flash player will let you watch the action in high definition. If your internet is not fast enough, you will be able to lower the quality of the video. But unless you want to watch the movies of Japanese Matures from a 2 bars 3G connection, you should be able to enjoy the highest quality, as the site has some killer servers. One of the collect features of this site is the filmstrip that will allow you to jump right to the section of the video with the most interesting action.

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Collection and Porn Stars

The collection of this site, as I said before, is exclusive, and 100% made in Japan. That means all actors are Japanese, and all the dialog is also in Japanese. Some of the movies have subtitles, but not all of them. However, there is not much talking going on in this collection because we are talking about a cougar porn site, and we all know that this kind of ladies is not so much into role play. All they want is to get laid, and they don’t waste any second on useless foreplay. The site features every kinky fetish typical for Japanese porn, including rim jobs, hairy pussies, bukkake, extreme toys, and orgasm teasing. At the moment, the collection offers 670+ movies and no photo galleries.


Even without photo galleries and with some of the movies being censored, the site is still worth and the price of the memberships is justified. They will seem even more justified after you learn about the bonus offered by All Japanese Pass. Once you become a member of Japanese Mature, you will get access to their entire network, which counts over 5,000 DVDs and more than 7,000 galleries of photos. All that for $29.95 a month, $59.95 for three months or $89.95 a year. The first two memberships are recurring, and you have to cancel them before they expire, or you will be charged for another period of access. If you want to check out the member area of the site and some of the movies, you can buy the $1 trial for three days of limited access to the site. Enjoy!

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