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Design and Features

One of the things that is really cool about Japan Boyz is that you won’t get the annoying mosaic block outs you often get in Japanese porn DVDs because of the reigning censorship in the country. Japan Boyz’ videos, pictures and movies are 100% censor-free which truly in refreshing and eye-popping! Among the many features offered by the site is that it offers full access to streaming, downloads and hot photo galleries that you can get straight to your smart phone, on your tablet, on your computer or by watching your connected TV. I also like the fact that the site is clear, straight-forward and sleak in its appearance. No crazy, cliché Asian symbols, just clear, easy ways to access the best videos, best pictures and hotest Japanese models you could imagine.

Boys and Videos

On Japan Boyz, you will find the cutest Japanese twink boys as well as more muscular, more beefy Japanese studs. Because yeah, they do exist! And they are the sexiest guys you could ever imagine. You will see gorgeous smooth guys from the Rising Sun archipelago as well as guys with goatees and sexy beards (I know, right?). You will find the hottest Japanese guys exploring their sexuality with equally sexy peers and Asian daddies. Whether you are into kissing, anal sex, oral sex, bukkake (that is how the Japanese write it!), foot play, kinky BDSM, cum eating, sex in public or Asian daddies with twinks, this site will get you everything you need and will have you shooting multiple loads every time you visit.

If you like innocent-looking, angel-faced guys like Ice Pt, Fuji or Kairi, you will have plenty to jerk-off to. If you are more into the edgy, tough-looking bum types, you will want to see guys like Leo, Jun and Tatsushi who would look really happy to ram their hard rock cocks into your mouth or ass. If you like the intellectual type, you will want to check out what Kaoru, Yuya and Yuu have to offer behind those glasses. If you are into long-hair, you will love guys like Hiroto, Keite and Takuro who look like they could be in a kinky punk band, making crazy-ass music and fucking their brains out surrounded by electric guitars and drums. You like surfer dudes? They have those in Japan, too. You’ll have to check out hot delicious beach bums like Gota Yamaguchi, Koichi and Leo Ota. And although Asian guys are not generally known for their huge cocks, you’ll probably want to see what Hisoka Botan, Kenny Yama and Seiya are packing in those briefs of theirs.

You might also like guys in suits, right? Or how quickly they can get out of them? Anyhow, you’ll want to get a peek at Atsushi Tanaka, Hiroyuki and Makoto who will probably give you a peak in your underwear! You’ll also find a few hot effeminate bottoms that will make you want to care for them softly while fucking them with passion. Maybe you are more into chunky guys? You will find a few of those, too, and will be happy you did! As you can see, Japan Boyz offers a wide array of hot Japanese guys that you will want to share everything with… including a few of your own loads.


You will love watching these boys taste each other’s wares and swallow hot loads of cum while others take them on the chest or on their face… or both! You will love the hot anal sex, some bareback and you will want to join in the fun by jacking off to this HD quality images dancing before your eyes. Japan Boys will drive you crazy with lust and will give you plenty of amazing fantasies that you will be able to shoot plenty of loads to. Including some amazing dildo and ass play with hot bottoms taking it with desire and ease while others muddle through their first time discovering the pleasure of a hard dick filling their tight holes.

If like me, you are particularly into oral sex, you will absolutely adore Japan Boyz. Hours and hours of amazingly tasty-looking blow jobs with hardening cocks slipping in and out of beautiful, pouty little mouths, tongues swirling around throbbing knobs and bulging, semen-filled balls… Mmmm… that is only some of the great stuff you will have 100% unlimited access too when you join the Japan Boyz community of websites. What are you waiting for? It is so easy to join. Get the lube out. Your cock is about to get a great workout.

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