There are not many women who get fucked while eating. Coming to think of it, this is an absurd idea. It is hard to kill two birds with one stone. However, there are chubby women on FeedHerFuckHer who love two things in life, their food and their men. While they would do anything to get pleasure, they do it under one condition, that they have a plate of food with them. On this adult site, you get the promise of big, horny women with equally huge appetites. There is no doubt that you are in for two treats here. One that is good for your cock and another that your stomach cannot be able to resist.

This adult site is one of a kind especially because it features the feederism fetish that is not tapped into by many other sites. Fortunately, FeedHerFuckHer goes beyond the norm to bring you content that you will not see anywhere else on the virtual platform. It’s almost like you watch these chicks get fatter right before your eyes. The best part of the action is that you get to enjoy it to your heart’s content. You will fall in love with the fullness of their big breasts or their clubby bodies. Either way, the models will give you so much to look forward to.

The action on this adult site makes you a great part of all that is going on. The pleasure unfolds right before your eyes. The models are truly engrossed in all that is going on, so much so that you will be glued to the screen. They stuff their faces with muffins, pizza, and fried chicken among an array of other dishes. The content on FeedHerFuckHer is exclusive. As a member, you also get to enjoy the adult site XLGirls. This means that you can diversity at all times. You do not only have to focus on what the site offers you. There is always an opportunity to enjoy so much more.

This site will make up for all the shortcomings that other sites have had. The adult entertainment on this platform is like no either. The videos on the sites are exclusive. You will not get to enjoy these women fulfilling their hunger for man meat and cooked meat anywhere else but here. The site has only 14 videos but even on such a limited collection, the entertainment here is truly worthwhile. The scenes can be downloaded as MP4 and Windows Media Files. They can also be flash streamed. The action is also captured in 16 photos sets that features these hotties in high-resolution glory, on the scenes, you will enjoy exquisite models like Hillary Hooters who is seen turning her chest into a cake for a very lucky man. FeedHerFuckHer is everything that you have always wanted and more.

Best porn site if you like chubby women.

Design and Features

FeedHerFuckHer is defined by good scenes. Each scene has a medium quality flash stream and has a low bandwidth. All of the video options will work well for every member with a few new flicks provided in HD viewing options. It’s clear that the site wants to embrace modern elements. The design is simplistic and makes a point of showing all of its members exactly what they want to see. The members’ area is a step up, just with the right previews and right-sized graphics. Each of the available scenes is accompanied by a photo set. The pictures are in high resolution and you can either select them in high or low viewing options. This depends on your preference. However, they can be downloaded as zip files. The previews blend everything including boob jobs, foot fetishes, and hardcore sex into one. Giving you the tour experience that you will never forget.

Girls and Videos

Nothing says love like something from the oven. The Big beautiful women on FeedHerFuckHer know this better than anyone else. They are up to a lot of mischiefs but the best thing about them is that they are really easy to understand. They love two things a huge plate of food and a huge dick. Get them both and you will be best friends for life. As you get your appetite for both food and sexual satisfaction aroused, you will be pushing the table back because of the expansion in your pants. The women will show you that a piece of fried chicken cannot stand between them and multiple orgasms, they know how to multitask. The men do not seem to mind, once they get their huge cocks inside their pussy walls or their tight assholes, they stay focused, not really worried about what is on the plates.

All of the women are definitely chubby and this is a true reflection of their huge plates. Even so, they are truly flexible in bed. You will be surprised at their level of skills when it comes to sitting on top of big cocks. Not all of them get fucked on the bed, a few take things a notch higher by dirtying the dinner tables. They lay on it and fulfill both of their desires. If there is one thing about big women is that they have big asses and tits thus you will appreciate the front row viewing. They rub their clits, suck cock and prove that they are the baddest bitches in bed.


FeedHerFuckHer is a site that keeps growing. You will absolutely fall in love with the variety of models on this platform. The action is hot and is accompanied by new eating and fucking updates every week. Those who are into this kind of action will have a blast. The site truly comes highly recommended.

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