The ExHacked is a porn-archive which offers you a compilation of homemade sex videos, shot by horny couples and sex-hungry groups. The site is all about amateur sex, and there are no studio-made videos available, so it’s a great choice for those of you who enjoy watching actual couples doing honest sex. In case you are looking for some real porn, this is a recommended site, and though it’s a standalone entity it has a good collection for you. It has been three years since the ExHacked started to collect the nasty videos around the web, and right now it grants you access to a neat compilation of pornographic videos and photos. As you may expect from real amateur and user-submitted content, the site’s videos are far from perfect, and the quality is something that should improve a lot.

There is no detectable update schedule; there are new sets and photos added on a very irregular base… probably because the site highly depends on the users’ submissions. However they haven’t stopped, and you can enjoy fresh content now and then. The major problem with sites like this is that the content is not exclusive at all. Some sites dare to claim that their collection is unique, but if you are really dedicated to amateur porn, you will surely recognize almost all of the videos from other sites. However, these are not that big-shot porn scenes, and you might relive some nice moments from your past.

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Design & Features

As probably all amateur-themed porn sites, the home page of the ExHacked is simple, and is filled with thumbnails. They seem to be less-enhanced than on other sites, so they represent the actual quality of the videos. You can only browse the first page, and you have to consider your first impressions you got when you entered the page to make the decision about joining. If you decide to give it a try, you will get to the members’ zone. The folks who build the site (this company has other sites, with this design) thought it could be fun to make a porn site that looks like the Facebook. You can even create a profile, and the videos are listed like they were in the news feed. A basic search and some categories option can help you with narrowing the results.

The scenes on the ExHacked are all yours for viewing in the browser, and believe us when we say that you don’t need to save these videos. They might be exciting, but they are not so good quality nor are they so long to keep them stored on your PC. An FLV stream is provided and it offers a nice, smooth playback, and quite enjoyable quality. Also photos and video captions are available, but also they are not for downloading.

Girls & Videos

The Exhacked has a really neat collection, and as you would expect from a site with amateur porn, almost all videos feature different girls. Also there are thousands of photo sets which are independent from the videos. If we do a quick math, with more than 3,700 and 5,000 photo collection, there are at least 8000 different girls appearing on the site. The number is great on itself, and it ensures that you will meet here with great variety. First, it’s not just a girlfriends’ site, which means that you can find here some more mature women, actual housewives, MILFs if you like. Thus a wide range of hot age-related niches are covered in these videos. Apart from their age, there is another quite evident way to tell the girls from each other: their ethnicity.

Since the videos originate from all around our world, the nationality of the chicks is very different, but from their moans you can’t tell that really; however, their overall appearance tells a lot because there are Asians, Blacks and Latinas, and among the models you might find some Indian girls too. For their body-types you will see that yourself that some of them are pretty average-looking, yet you will find them hot. As you might expect, amateur porn is never scripted. Some couples may overplay a bit, but that’s very rare, and in most cases you will see that these couples really enjoy their sex. Since the videos are all home-made, the lighting sometimes is bad, and also the quality isn’t too hot; however, these just strengthen the feeling of amateurishness, and those who are looking for this kind of porn might enjoy these videos very much. What happens on the screen when you start playing these videos is very varied and really nasty.

It’s natural that you can find here mostly one on one sex and solo action, but you will find yourself a bit surprised to see how many threesomes and group sex scenes are here. These folks seem to be really into swinging, and the nasty gangbangs are really something you should see. The major part of the collection consists of videos which are shorter than 10 minutes, and since it is amateur porn, you may often find yourself jumped in the middle of the action. Apart from the quality however, the videos have no big issues.


The ExHacked is a recommended website for those who enjoy hardcore sex, and are tired of the sterile and soulless mainstream porn of the large studios. With the quite interesting Facebook-like layout the site is easy to use, and also the collection it is well-worth exploring. Anyone who seeks amateur porn, but don’t want to join those fake network might enjoy browsing this one, because almost all videos that circulate around the web are available here. It’s a fact that the reasonable price and the huge collection are the most important factors which make this site to be recommended one for the porn fans.

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