While it may be one of the newest websites and not the most developed, Drill Him still offers a fantasy that’s not easy to find. It fills the void in the military gay porn category, the best it can. Though still green, they show signs of improvement with each new release.

Good gay adult site for military porn videos.

Design and Features

The main page is very straightforward. It’s clear they don’t mess around. And as soon as you access the site, you will see thumbnails showcasing things to come. You can make a pretty good idea of how the actors look like and what type of action takes place in the movies.

The background is left black, probably to strengthen the thought of toughness one perceives when thinking of the military. There are no funny looking buttons or logos, everything is as serious as it gets. The important buttons have been drawn as if they were written on a dog tag.

Boys and Videos

Not that anyone cares much about their faces, but I haven’t seen any familiar ones. I believe almost all the performers here are just starting in the industry. It would make sense that on a new site and for a niche genre, the producers would like to bring fresh models and start from scratch to build up a reputation of their own.

You should expect some clichés in story but then again, you need them to sell the military fantasy. The new recruits will often be manhandled and even gangbanged by their superior officers. That is what makes the genre work. Although amateurs, the guys still take care of their physical aspect. They are well hung and show enough military physique to sell the viewers on the story.

The fact that there aren’t any HD videos yet leads me to believe that the equipment used isn’t very professional. This is again quite understandable considering the situation. I’m sure that in time, after they can increase the budget, the quality will also reach higher levels.

So far, even with the lack of HD videos, I would still say that visuals are way above average. All the 15 to 20+ minutes of hardcore scenes are streaming well, without interruptions. Enlarging the videos to full screen also seems not to mess with the quality, so this makes it all worthwhile on PCs and mobile platforms.

On any other site, the absence of multiple membership plans might be an issue. However, I feel that on a site that’s just beginning its journey, this should not be the case. The only option available is the one month subscription. This is more than enough at this point in their evolution. Once they will have much content to offer, they will surely present more choices to potential members. Now, as long as you can already see thumbnails of all available videos, and there is no download section, there really is no point in having a trial period.


Overall Drill Him looks like a good place to maybe get started, for a newcomer in the industry or for someone new to the category. It can be hard to take in at first, but remember it’s harder on the “soldiers”. The streaming is great and the videos aren’t too long. It’s just straight to the point, hardcore guy on guy action in a military setting.

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