Wife porn is really underappreciated. This is a genre of porn in which the woman getting fucked is someone else’s wife. Many of the videos in this genre involve the woman cheating on her husband which adds a forbidden element to the porn that makes it very hot indeed. Many of the videos involve the wife insisting her husband to watch her cheat, or videos where the husband makes his wife fuck someone else just because it turns him on. There are also amazing videos where you will see both husband and wife enjoying themselves as another man fucks the woman, they use this man as a sex toy and this makes for some really enjoyable porn.

The problem is that finding porn like this is not all that easy. There are sites that do focus on wife porn but most of these sites focus on just a single aspect of wife porn instead of creating an all round high-quality experience that you would genuinely love to be involved in. These sites just don’t have the variety that would make you want to pay money for the privilege of using them.

However, DoTheWife is one site that truly does allow you to get an all-round experience. This site has all kinds of wife porn available, and the best thing is that it has put some serious effort into making its porn as believable as it can possibly be. This is important because many porn sites out there give you porn in which the girl is clearly faking it, and this can be a real turn off for someone that knows how women actually behave during sex.

If you are interested in this site, read the review that has been provided below. In this review you are going to find out all about what this site has to offer, and you are also going to be able to see exactly why this site has become so widely praised ever since it was launched. By the end of this review you are going to be able to fully understand why people love this site so much, and you are going to be able to decide for yourself whether you would be willing to spend money on this site or not.

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Design and Features

The layout of this site can tell you a lot about everything that this site has to offer. It has a tastefully designed layout, giving you some truly high-quality color tones that mesh really well. The white background results in an extremely soft feel that gives you a relaxed sensation. If you are into the kind of sites that give you this high-quality experience, you are going to love this site for sure.

However, it is pretty clear that the owners of this site know that too few colors can be boring. This is why they have used black to create an exciting contrast as well as the amazing pink text that allows you to read everything about the videos available that you would want to know. This is important because most sites out there simply don’t give you enough information about the videos they have, they just give you as many thumbnails as possible in the hopes that you would end up finding something that you would like.

As a result of the high-quality layout of this site, you are going to feel like your money was well spent. You are going to be able to enjoy yourself on this site for sure, and the superior layout of the videos and their arrangement is going to make it a lot easier for you to find something that conforms to your specific fetishes. This makes the site a lot more accessible than other sites out there for sure!

Girls and Videos

The girls in the videos that are available on this site certainly have a lot to offer you. They are the kinds of girls that have a sexual edge to them, and they make you feel like they are the kinds of women who would fuck another guy. The sexiness of these girls is compounded a great deal by the fact that they are some really realistic looking women for sure. Most porn stars out there just don’t have the kind of look that normal people would have. These porn stars look like they are sex dolls rather than real people, and this can be a real turn off for someone that wants to watch real wives getting fucked.

If you look through the videos that are available on this site, you are also going to find that the videos here are very diverse in their quality and content. You are going to find all kinds of fucking here, and the best thing is that you are going to get a regularly watchable experience. Most porn sites out there simply don’t give you the kind of variety that would make you want to keep coming back again and again, but this is one of those sites that offers you a reason to keep coming back. Overall, the porn on this site has a really sexy quality to it and, the fact that there are so many different types of girls available here doing all kinds of sex acts, will make you feel really good about your purchase without a doubt.


In conclusion, this site has everything that you would be looking for in a porn site, particularly one that specializes in wife fucking porn. If you look at the various subscription packages that have been offered, you are going to see that subscribing for a year with the annual subscription can save you fifty percent of the already ridiculously low monthly payment. Hence, this site really is the whole package.

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