Hello again mah brothers! I know you’ve been yearning for some new stuff on porn lately! I know how you feel! Porn these days are getting scarce! You see porn videos being copied and played over and over from different sites! It’s almost disheartening to see how there’s so many undervalued sites anymore. How we miss the good all days where almost all porns we saw was NEW! But I’m here today to tell you that it’s time to bring back that feeling with the dirtypancake website! This website revolves around a cute girl named pancake. Now you might think having the same girl fuck for you over and over might be boring! But no my friends! Not this one! This one different from all those! She is really cute and kind that she’ll make you think she’s your girlfriend!? Why and how she does it? Just watch her for yourself! But before you go launching off to the website, spare me a moment to highlight some of the spectacular features and stuff you’ll see in this one of a kind network!

Dirty Pancake photo

Design and Features

The instant you enter the site, you’ll see this Asian girl showing off her amazing sexy and sweaty body in front of your screen, move your eyes a little to the bottom left and you’ll see her biography! Believe me! Not many porn stars offer their biography, just like that! This means she’s really confident about herself! From up to bottom of the homepage you’ll see amazing scenes of this woman sucking cocks, bathing in pools naked, smiling in the camera as she gets ready to get drilled! I’m not joking when I tell you how hot and tempting just looking at her eyes, which makes you wanna feel like fucking an Asian every now and then! But not only are the pictures great, she even gives descriptions about how she feels in each scenes!

She even describes it with such erotic and uncensored words that really brings out what kind of woman she is and how hungry she is to stretch her pussy for you in the camera! You’ll love this too, she uploads her photos and videos every week! You’ll even see a date when certain porn scenes actually happened! Another amazing fact about this website is that when you become a member in their site, you are given free access to more porn sites! Absolutely free! those porn sites also have single girl focus kinds of stuff and others have several random videos in it too! If you think about it, it’s really not a bad deal! You might even go as far as to say, you won the end of the bargain with this one! but before concluding, let’s take a look at what’s really happening in these videos shall we?

Girls and Videos

Dirtypancake is not joking when she says she’s dirty. I mean she’s really dirty. I took the privilege of watching some of her videos and you know what I can say about it? It is absolutely addictive and a big fucking turn on! I’d just watch her videos all day! She’d go on all fours and moans as the cock is pressed inside her! She’d even suck a cock in front of the camera and make you hear her throat being destroyed by these penises! She even had some scenes where she’d go down on you with some of her girlfriends! Oh she’d do ANYTHING to satisfy the members!

But one thing I really like about what she does. She never stops keeping eye contact with you! Which is a BIG PLUS for me because a lot of porn viewers really need the girl on the video to give eye contact on the camera. It makes the sex scenes more realistic and personal. Makes you feel like you’re the one’s whose dick is getting sucked, you’re the one who’s fucking her on the back, you’re the one giving her the missionary! Its really awesome just seeing her that way. As for the quality of the videos, I assure you it won’t disappoint. There are 720×540 sized videos, all high def. Photos reach 2000 megapixels, plus the videos are also 100% exclusive. Which means nobody gets to enjoy these videos but the members only! Which is good too since you paid for it so you should deserve to enjoy it fairly too!


In my opinion, this website being a single girl focus type of site, made a really bold move. But they succeeded! This half-thai, half-brit girl really outdid herself with these videos. She’d even hurt herself just to satisfy the members! Sometimes she’d even call out to you from beyond the screen! In regards with the porn star’s performance I’d give it a ten! Now about the website’s design and features. There are so many things to choose from. Given the fact that the site only revolves around one girl, they actually offer you some unique scenes where she’d do it with a girlfriend or with other guest porn stars as well!

With the way she fucks, people know she’d go a long way, but why wait for her long way when you can have her on your lap right here right now! As for the promos and freebies! This site really offers a lot in store for its members! With free porn network on purchase and with the amazing quality they give to the members, no one can complain. My hats are off for this site! They really did it with this one! What I’d give to get a chance to meet the woman behind this site! Her name again is pancake, and she just gave the website a million reasons for many members to keep asking for more!

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