Ddf Network Overview

DDF Network is one of the best premium porn networks in European XXX entertainment, and if you know your porn, you also know that nothing will be able to reach the sensuality and kinkiness of a European porn star. They have the sexy accent, hot vixen bodies and sex skills that will drive you insane. That’s why you should choose this network as your next porn source. That and the features of their sites, features that are detailed in the rest of our review. But, first of all, let’s break down exactly what DDF Network is all about. DDF Network has 15 sites, but they are planning to extend in the future. Even if the main niche of this network is Glamour Porn, each site has a collection that revolves around a porn category. Some of these porn categories are legs and feet, big boobs, blowjobs, taboo porn, lesbian sex and much more. Read more about what the network has to offer, both when it comes to actual porn and to the other features you need for a great time online.


Maybe one of the most ignored feature when men choose a new porn source, it’s the design of the site. Most of the porn sites out there know how to take your eyes away from their design and functionality flaws with a couple of busty chicks in the header and lots of promises. However, no matter how hot the chicks are, you will still have an awful time if the videos in which they get banged will take forever to load. It’s not that case of DDF Network, which offers perfectly designed sites, which will load fast on both computers and mobile devices. The navigation is extremely easy, and the streaming doesn’t keep you forever in buffering. The only flaw of the site is the poor design of the flash player they use. They make it up to you through a multitude of download formats and resolutions from which you can choose the one that goes well with the device you have.

Collection and Porn Stars

As I said at the beginning of this review, the DDF Network is offering us exclusively European porn. All the porn on this site is original and exclusive. More than that, since DDF Network launched in 209, the collection is both big and available in HD. At the moment, you will find 13,000+ XXX movies and more than one and a half million HQ photos. This huge collection was made possible with the help of the 2,200+ French, German, British, Polish and East European porn stars. Also with the creativity of the porn directors who worked their magic behind the camera. The entire collection is available for download, and there are no limits on that. Also, this is not all, because the network promises 20+ new movies and galleries every week, and all the sites in the network are active. So join the party and let ladies such as Eve Angel, Charley Atwell, Lucie Wilde and Blue Angel take care of you and your naughty needs.


You will need years to finish the collection of this network and by that time, hundreds of new movies will be added. More than that, the company also plans on creating several new sites in the next couple of years. You will pay for one site and get access on 15, all that for as little as $39.99 per month, $89.99 for three months or $199.99 for 12 months. All this might seem a bit more expensive than in the case of American networks, but keep in mind that this glamourous network offers European quality. Start enjoying your porn as a true gentleman! This pay site has been closed, check this list of premium porn network for the latest adult videos.

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