Czech AV is a network of porn sites from the Czech Republic with each site focusing on a different sexy activity, some of which are more unusual than those commonly found on the web. They say they’re totally amateur, authentic and their content is completely exclusive to them and I certainly haven’t seen any of these videos anywhere else or, to be honest, anything quite like their videos, in some cases. I love amateur girls doing what comes naturally and these girls are all amazingly cute and the scenarios they come up with are wonderfully unique in many ways.
Membership of Czech AV gets you into a total of 27 sites with dozens, maybe hundreds, of girls, and the network features daily updates; they’re clearly a horny lot in central Europe.

Czech AV’s network offers HD quality movies, when the action is indoors and the cameras can be supported, and many more in good amateur handheld movie quality showing real life action. For example, one of the network’s site’s movies is shot from a POV camera in a pair of spectacles, similar to the ‘Google Glass’ eyeglasses that were being tested recently.
Czech AV’s girls are all kinds of European women, from blondes to raven-haired, from creamy-white to golden-tanned, and all of them are apparently willing to give a try to anything sexually interesting. The network has a suite of slightly unusual genres, such as outdoor orgies (Garden Party), indoor orgies (Home Orgy), fantasies (a gloryhole-type theme), and twenty-four more seriously sexy ideas.

Design and Features

The Czech AV site webpage has just lists its 27 sites running down the page with a montage photo of the site’s girls and a brief description explaining the site’s theme. A link lets you view selected photos and a video clip that is guaranteed to stimulate your interest. If you’re a member, of course, you can go directly to the site of your choice and see everything. It couldn’t be simpler.
What do you get if you join? All the hot horny action is shared with you through fast streaming videos and photo galleries, and the range of activities is reflected in the fact they have so many different themes. There’s very little overlap on the sites so it is an impressive achievement. Which site to visit first is the most difficult part of the process. However, it isn’t something you need to lose time over because you get all of them with one membership.

Amateurs have become one of the most popular porn niches on the web and the improving quality of phonecams, and the speed of uploading, has really given this genre a boost, as has the growing interest in women around the world for throwing off their inhibitions, their clothes, and their modesty. Looking at the web today, it seems like every girl in the world has captured her beauty on camera and shared it with all of us. What makes this network stand out from the crowd is its clever concepts and the eagerness the girls show in experimenting with them.

Girls and Videos

The girls of Czech AV are mainly cute central European amateur chicks who seem to want to spend their lives having sex in as many different ways, and with as many different men, as they can. I particularly like the website where the girls approach random men on the street and ask them for sex. It may decide you on a vacation in Prague sooner rather than later. Until you get there, you can join in the fun from your laptop or desktop and, what is better than reality is, you can join them 24/7 every day of the year.

Czech AV’s girls enjoy straight sex for the most part, though there is a Lesbian site too. They like to have men around, even if it’s just one man among a harem of beauties who have to pleasure themselves and their girlfriends when the solitary male is busy. While they’re waiting for their turn with the cock, they suck and lick tits and twats with gusto and their friends return the favor. The girls also like anonymous sex sometimes, busily giving blowjobs through a gloryhole or being penetrated by unknown men when they have their hungry holes exposed through a wall.
They girls like it al fresco in the street, in the pool, or in the leafy green countryside, as well as in their homes, the sauna, solarium, or the model agency’s office – places where there’s enough privacy to be nude and enough risk to be exciting. No matter how you like your sex, hetero, bi, or lesbian, you’ll find plenty to watch on this network.

One category in which Czech AV excels is in risky naughtiness on city streets; six of the 27 sites feature some sexual activity in the city, with titles such as Bitch (prostitutes), Couples (couples approaching couples on the street and consequently having sex nearby), Taxi, Experiment (girls asking men on the street for sex), and Streets (where single women are approached and offered money for sexual favors). The other most popular theme, also with six sites, is that of ‘spying’ on women doing what would normally be done in private places – remembering of course these are amateur women taking part willingly! Titles for this concept include store change rooms (called Cabins here), and massage rooms.


I wish I knew so many gorgeous girls willing to go that extra mile but, as I don’t, this is a great network to visit until I’ve found my own ‘harem’ of willing women. And Czech AV doesn’t just have a harem, they have many other interesting ideas, such as spy cameras in a Solarium (with willing amateurs obviously) and ‘Sharking’, which in the Czech Republic apparently means tearing off a woman’s clothes in the street (again, willing amateurs only). You won’t see any of these sexily weird porn ideas anywhere else.
So, if you’re tired of the same old thing you’ll find on the web’s commercial sites, then the Czech AV network is the one to join.

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