CrazyToonSex provides its visitors and members with one of the hottest types of porn movies, the hentai. This niche itself originates from Japan, and the hentai movies are wonderfully drawn, artistic cartoons, with heavy hardcore porn elements. On CrazyToonSex you won’t find original hentai, but instead a lot of videos that could be the best described as cartoon porn parodies. These are also hardcore movies, but they are not telling you an original story like the real hentai videos do, these are featuring the most famous cartoon characters, like the Griffins, the folks from Futurama, American Dad, but you can find here Avatar, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman and some other parodies too. After some research it’s seems to be safe to say, that the CrazyToonSex is only 2 years old, it started operating in 2013. There is a good collection of hardcore cartoon porn inside, but as you may expect there is more to the site that you would guess after the first look. This is not an amateur collection, the scenes are professional work, and they are dubbed properly.

The CrazyToonSex offers a large amount of bonuses to the members, because registering this site grants you access to the whole collection of the network it belongs, called ToonPass. This network is all about cartoon porn parodies and hentai movies. The flagship site itself is the main hub; you can browse through the content of all sites there. The CrazyToonSex offers you hardcore porn parodies, while on the HentaiTemple you can enjoy authentic hentai movies with girls who can take in all sizes of cocks. The FutanariSluts also offers you hentai, but the girls inside are special, since they are futanaries, which means that they have both major genitals and both (pussy and cock) are fully working. The quality of the scenes throughout the network is varied, but the number of HD and Full-HD movies is increasing.

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Design & Features

The home page of the CrazyToonSex is so simple, that it couldn’t be any simpler. On the top of the page you can read few lines about the benefits, and the options for joining or logging in is also located there. The rest of the home page (which is also the tour page) is a long list of the videos you can find here. The thumbnails are pretty large, and they are in good quality; these pictures also serve as links to the actual videos. If you become a member, the same simplicity will welcome you in the members’ zone too. There will be a menu, where you can list the videos, the extra content and the promotions. You can watch the videos online, and if you have a slower connection or a less strong computer, you may choose from lower quality settings in exchange for performance. The videos are also available as downloadable files, so you can build up your cartoon porn collection of MP4 files. The scenes on CrazyToonSex and on the other network sites are all DRM free, and you can save and use them without any restrictions.

Girls & Videos

The videos of the CrazyToonSex are really exciting. Since the main niche of the site is the cartoon-porn and hentai, you get to find here lots of well-drawn porn videos. Anyone who likes this kind of porn will certainly appreciate the movies of this site, because they are not just looking good, but they all uploaded in high quality and some juicy HD and Full-HD scenes are available, so you can expect to find here some really sharp and sexy cartoons. Currently the collection of the CrazyToonSex consists of more than 70 videos, and the number seems to grow on a regular basis.

The videos are varied in the matter of length, but their average length is somewhere about 15-20 minutes. The scenes are scripted, though there isn’t much story to tell, they usually get it on and start the drilling pretty soon. There is a wide range of hardcore niches featured in the scenes, and with the unlimited opportunities of the cartoons everything can happen. There are scenes where a robot fucks a Cyclops, but you can see humanoid lobster banging the same Cyclops, while she gets her asshole pounded. The meaning of interracial sex changes in these videos, and you get some interesting pairings, but that’s only expected in the world of hardcore cartoon-porn. So, for the models of the CrazyToonSex there is only one thing that you can take for sure: they are going to make you hard and horny. Nothing can stop an artist when it comes to drawing women in erotic or even hardcore situations, and if he wants he can create boobs bigger than the model’s head (it does happen in the case of some scenes).

The girls here are mostly Caucasians, but you can find here some special types too: there are numerous Ebony cuties and housewives appearing, along with some Asians and an Asian-looking Martian girl. If you like the housewives of those famous and popular cartoon series, then you will surely appreciate the movies here, where you can watch what they do between episodes and during commercial breaks. The male models are also really varied: Caucasians (mostly US citizens and they are in different ages), Blacks, there is also a male robot and a crazy humanoid lobster, so you will find here a large variety of performers, and the sex they do is amazing because they are free to do whatever they like.

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