CFNM stands for Clothed Females Naked Men, which is a very narrow niche of porn that is both female friendly and which also appeals to guys, who are being used and even dominated by a number of women who never even take off their clothes!

Fine adult website with fetish content.

Design and Features

As soon as you land on the CFNM website, it takes you to a homepage that features stills from one of the videos that have been recently uploaded onto the site and an “enter” section which then redirects you to CFNMTV. Once there, members can log into the site or new visitors can sign up for full membership if they want. The site does not have a great design and it looks like a throwback from the dial-up days but all in all the site has a very good functional character. The graphics are very old-fashioned and basic but they get the job done.

When looking through the website and after you enter the CFNM website you can see a video preview of the content on the site and it is usually a 30 second long snippet and every time you visit the website it shows you a different preview of a different video which is a nice feature to have because it gives you an idea of the diversity of videos on the site. One thing that is a drawback of the CFNM website is the fact that it does not really give you the option of searching the site for something in particular because it does not have a search function at all. When you scroll down through the website you can see previews of all the videos, a list from most recent down and with three or four images and a short preview for every video so you can get a good idea of what the video is going to be like.

Girls and Videos

What CFNM is lacking in design and features it most certainly makes up for in content. This website is most definitely suited to a very limited audience since it is a very specific niche. Realistically speaking, the style of content featured on this webs site is catered to either man with a female domination fetish who are also interested in and aroused by pegging, anal fingering or anal insertions or for very dominant women who love seeing men sexually dominated. At the moment there are over 475 videos and they are pretty short, about 5 or so minutes each, but there are also plenty of full movies for you to enjoy.

Similarly, there are video galleries for each individual video which each contains about 80 or so pictures in each gallery. Since we are talking about very specific content, the videos are all the same pretty much, you have one or more men who get undressed and sexually dominated by 3 or more women who remain fully clothed for the most part and it is absolutely delicious to watch otherwise masculine and tough looking men being reduced to submissive sexual play things for a group of classy, stylish women who get them to do whatever they want to whichever way they want to.


This website and many others like it are definitely not for everyone but if you are a dominant female or a submissive male, then this website is definitely for you because it is definitely a great example of female power and men getting put in their place.

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