What kind of big booty do you like? Do you prefer the bouncy type, the all-natural butt, those with implants inside it or the firm type? Or is it the kind that you would love to hold on all day? Sometimes, it does not matter what butt-guy you are. As soon as you enter the world of BootyliciousMag, you will be treated to so much booty that you will not know what hit you. It is a virtual adult heaven that has been designed to cater to all those who like bouncy and firm butts alike in order for them to make the most of their carnal pleasure. No, I’m not talking about the print magazine, I am referring to the ScoreGroupNetwork adult site that was established in April 2006.

Booties are exciting for any man regardless of whether you are crazy about them or not. Therefore, many men have found an incredible home in BootyliciousMag. It is the one place where they can enjoy ebony and Latinas butts without a qualm. Any ScoreGroupNetwork site is often packed with content to the brim. It is also represented by top-notch 1080 HD flicks. In case you have been missing out on what this site has to offer, you owe it to yourself to gain membership here. This is the only way that you will be making the most of all that you find on this adult platform. The assets that are being shaken left and right on this adult site will deceive you, making you feel that they are the best thing in the world.

The models on BootyliciousMag have a way of taking matters of pleasure into their own hands and with it comes a once-in-a-lifetime treat for you. They are not afraid to show you what they are made of. After reading about them for years on the print version of the magazine, you will appreciate them even more on this live platform. It is safe to say that these are the most incredible asses on the internet and lucky you because you get a front row seat to all of their naughtiness. It does not matter whether you are ‘asstastic’ or a butt junky, you will find all-round fulfillment on BootyliciousMag.

The international assortment of asses leaves you in the company of the likes of Talana Gold and Olivia Jackson and their juicy asses. Of course, the site showcases all of its flicks and images in high-definition and high-resolution images. On the site, the photos are presented at a resolution of 720p. This is the best that you will ever get. With the average ass-man in mind, BootyliciousMag offers only the best of porn fulfillment.

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Design and Features

Unlike most adult sites today, BootyliciousMag has the best filter and navigation options. For a large collection, you most definitely need the comfort of getting around easily and this site gives it to you. All of the viewing options are great and they reflect the site’s level of professionalism. When it comes to enjoying the action, each video can be downloaded in clips or as full-length scenes in the Windows Media and MP4 format. There is also a quality option for streaming the flicks, thus, the way that you choose to enjoy them is fully at your discretion.

The videos have a runtime of 20-25 minutes each, which is more than enough time to pleasure yourself or jack-off as the action goes on. The site does not deviate from its promises of bringing you fantastic asses as this is the point of highlight for all of the flicks. If you are hoping for the anal action you will only get to enjoy a few flicks that feature this. The photos galleries are also represented by top-notch images that come in a multitude of sizes, the majority being 1600×1200 pixels. The site has an active update schedule, therefore, you will never ask for more.

Girls and Videos

The ripe asses on BootyliciousMag will sweep you off your feet. The site has definitely got one thing right the booties are surely big. You will be treated to an array of ebony asses, Latina asses and a combination of English asses’ altogether. As such, you will find it hard to resist the temptation that comes with this action. You will want to penetrate them and suck them for all that they are worth. The models dress their asses in jeans, thongs and sometimes, they just leave them bare for you to relish in their magnificence. Some of the best girls in the BootyliciousMag roster include Kera Lane, Alicia Star, and Kali Dreams. When you watch them in action, you will be filled with the dirtiest thoughts that you have ever had.

There aren’t any two girls who are the same on this platform. There are those who have athletic bodies, while the others are plump and very bootylicious. Do not forget that big butts are often accompanied by big breasts, therefore, you will get a double dose of the action. Candace Von is a sexy, plump model who knows a thing or two about putting out fires. She is dressed in nothing other than a fireman’s hot and this makes her look like the hottest thing ever. You would want to call on her to put out the fire that is starting in your private parts. She is ready for the action, leaving you with thoughts that you will not be able to fathom. In other scenes, you will equally enjoy pornstars like Holly Wood, Layla Monroe and the fabulous and sexy Melissa Reed.


The two most important things about this adult site is in its genuine in its provision of content as only solid action is showcased here. All of the models have big Bubbly butts and thus is what the action is all about. Although the sex scenes are standard, they are highly entertaining. If you have been looking for a fabulous ass site, you will really enjoy your time on this one.

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