Alright, alright. I admit. I am the type of person who enjoys watching hot and raunchy sex scenes between guys, as well as girls. If you also lump them up together, that would be a great treat for a lot of us. Not only does it mean more sex, more penetration, and definitely more lewd scenes, it also means that you will get to enjoy watching an entire bed get filled up with two horny men and one hornier lady. Raise your hands if you know what I am talking about! If you do not, then let me get to the gist of it. A bisexual sex scene always composes of two guys who love to hit it off with both male and female, and a female who do not mind getting it down and dirty with two horny, raunchy males.

The plot is a very famous one nowadays and porn networks have been picking up the idea in a snap; because a lot of people, like me, love to see the dirty things that happen when three horny people get together in amazing bisexual intercourse. Well, with the porn industry bagging tons of ideas about this sort of thing, it is very hard to find a quality porn site that deals with this genre. Sometimes, you may get quantity but never quality. Also, if you do get quantity, it will end up not so exclusive. Either way, you need to be careful in picking one up. So, I am here to introduce to you BiMaxx and all its bisexual glory.

The site hit it off around 2005 and has been really active especially this year. At one point, the site’s updates slowed down but they have started rolling great again. It is being managed by Payserve and the International Media Corporation. Its primary niches include bisexual porn (obviously) and hardcore sex. If you want to see raw, uncensored, unprotected, and unadulterated porn that consists of gorgeous bisexual people, BiMaxx will surely deliver with an extra serving of raunchiness and a whole lot of amazing content.

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Design and Features

Launched in 2005, BiMaxx has quite a number of videos and photo sets for all of its subscribers. Although not much considering the length of their existence, they still managed to rack up quite a number and I am not even complaining. The site has all exclusive content that you obviously will not be finding anywhere else other than here. Their website design is jam packed and kind of a jumble party but still quite decipherable. It does not seem cluttered and it delivers what it needs to be delivered. The navigation is intensely easy and orderly. The user interface is straightforward, the arrangement neat and very easy to understand.

All in all, the site is a greatly designed place with equally great content. It is mobile compatible so it works basically anywhere. Once you have signed up to be a member, you will be prompted right away once you log in the site, log ins will need you to input your given user name and password. You can log in from the members area, the link is found on top of the page, next to the other very important links you will need to get around this gargantuan porn site. The menu bar on top consists of the home button (which resembles a shape of a house) and clicking on that will guarantee that you will end up in the main page no matter where you are in the site. Next is the link to the updates page where you will find the latest uploaded videos that the site has. Next is the link to the models index.

After that, you get the link to their live sex cams, then the link going to their very own sex shop. Next to that is the members’ log in link. If you have not signed up to be a member just yet, you can find the ‘Join’ button right next to it. Explore and be awed at the amazing features the site offers you. Down the menu bar, you will see a slideshow represented by different banners, slogans, and announcements. The pictures that the slideshow consists of are all raunchy and describe the site pretty dang well, if you ask me. You will see girls sucking on guys’ dicks or vice versa, or guys sucking on each other. Under this, you will find a number of video thumbnails that seem to be the latest uploads they did. They are titled and you will see the duration of the video. They are also marked as HD. The site also gives us a chance to see their photo sets that are just as lewd and raw as their videos.

Girls and Videos

The site is flooding with both girls and boys alike and all these people are considered bisexual. Of course, because if they are not, they would not be seen fucking each other senseless in random threesomes, foursomes, and orgies. Here you will see both girls and boys engaging in strong anal and pussy fucking, blow jobs, tit jobs, hand jobs, rimming, finger banging, and so much more. The scenes are raunchy and they are raw, and even the guy to guy intercourse does not have any condoms on. All this goodness you will be able to watch in your very own browser, or download them in various formats like MP4 and WMV. The pixel resolution for most of the scenes is in 1920 x 1080p, the older ones at 1280 x 720. Nevertheless, every single thing here is in HD and is exclusive.


If you want bisexual goodness with great quality and quantity, BiMaxx delivers a pretty rad job. The site is simply one of the best I have encountered and it still continues to be my favorite. The updates are rolling quite fast these days but even if it wasn’t, there are still enough things here to last you till the next one, and even more.

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