Big And Ready is the name of the site that I discovered recently, and it is absolutely amazing. It hosts girls, big ones, which love getting into hardcore play and action that will leave you drooling, and wanting for more. I found it easy to get horny and get my orgasm with these women, as they love riding dicks, sucking them, and playing with other girls, too. Among the obvious things on the site, there are a lot of surprises, those which you can see once you join.

Design and Features

But, some of the surprises are plainly visible, and one of them is the very home page of the site. Why is that, you may ask. Well, it is because you get to see a beautiful, minimalistic design, one that shows you how to get wherever you want to be on the site, and still retains the aesthetic qualities of a modern site. It has four buttons, colored red, set against a dark gray, almost black background, and within that home page, you get to find a lot of previews, of the videos, though in the form of images, and one actual video, a sort of an introduction to the site, a compilation of sorts. With that, you get to enjoy some of the content without joining, yet the best and the lengthiest is reserved for the members, only. With sorting options to help you find the said videos, and the search bar to make it even easier, browsing becomes a real pleasure. And not only because of that, but also because of the optimization, the complete lack of lag on the site, and what is even more important, the optimization for the mobile devices.

Girls and Videos

Yes, you get to see and enjoy the big beauties from wherever you want, and what they do will have you on your knees, begging for more. I have seen them eat pussies and suck dicks, and I have seen them ride dicks and take them as deep as they can go. For them, swallowing a dick whole in their pussies and asses is a really simple thing, and they enjoy doing it, as there is surely an orgasm to follow. Grateful as ever, they would suck the lucky dude off, and get cum on their sweet, big boobs, as well as in their mouths. What I also love about them, is that they are no strangers to variety, loving the pussies as much as the cocks. That means that you can see and enjoy their huge boobs touch one another, as well as handle more than one cock at the same time. And seeing them ride the cocks in HD is even better, as there is nothing quite like a big girl, her boobs going up and down as they both get nearer that climactic moment.


Big And Ready signals that the action is about to start at any moment, and you should go and see it, not losing a second of time. With so much to see on just one site, the big girls, in love with the hardcore, and all the bonus content involved, this is a deal that no one should miss out on, not just the lovers of the chubby ladies.

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