These days, I am sure most of us always opt for great porn sites compared to shoddy and ridiculous ones. If we were even given a choice, I am almost a hundred and one percent certain that we will be picking something that is just remotely better than the other one. This is because we, as people who have always set the bar high for porn quality, have always been attracted to the things that look better, and have been produced better. We do not settle for less than that. That has always been an undeniable fact, even after all these years of porn being in the limelight. What if though, you encounter a porn so bad that it actually looks good? Not in a sense that it has been badly produced or anything but what is inside it.

A scene so raunchy and desperate that it comes out very entertaining and better than you expected? There are tons of sites that cater and give out these sort of things and as much as I want to avoid them, it just haunts me. It has mostly attracted me and I have got to admit that I love these scenes with dumb looking bimbos going on a sexual adventure of their life. If you certainly do not mind the oddity of how it sounds and if you feel like you’re even, in the slightest, interested in such, you should check out AmateurDumbFucks. It is a porn site where you can find really dumb chicks who do not mind sharing their “attribute” just as long as they get there five seconds of irreversible fame. Majority of the times, it works, and as much as I hate to admit it, I actually love it here.

AmateurDumbFucks just looks really lively and entertaining and it breaks the cardinal rule of well-produced pornos. Although, it may look and sound silly at first, you won’t regret your time in here. This site does not have a specific niche or genre because it basically has everything a porn site could have. As long as they feature amateur and dumb ladies, and the occasional Uncle Jesse, then it is certainly good to go. For the most part, you will be introduced to a lot of things and a good number of seemingly dumb females. These ladies do not mind anything else except the really hardcore and good sex.

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Design and Features

Just like the content AmateurDumbFucks has, their website design is bursting with profound energy and enthusiasm. It is very colorful and you will see cut out photos of naked people all over, along with video caps and actual photos trimmed down and pasted as a collage in their main page. It reeks of glorious greens, oranges, and yellows, and it just gets better. Personally, I bat for the more minimalist kind of themes but I am willing to make an exception for this one, simply because it brings life to its content unlike any other. The site is adorned with other stuff like moving photos, catchy slogans that bring about the site’s point, and so much more. For you to become a part of all of this, you will need to register for a premium account by clicking on the “Join Now” button.

You will be prompted to a place where you will input certain stuff, including making your own username and password. After that, you will only need to log in by putting in the username you have chosen and the corresponding password and you will be able to access everything else inside. Once you are in, it’s vaguely easy to do the navigating. All in all, the site is very user-friendly and won’t give you much of a hard time. The links are found in the most obvious of places and you will be glad to know that you can save videos in your favorites, as much as you want. The site also has a lot of photo sets that you can view in a slideshow or download via zip files.

There are around 300 galleries, with 50 to 60 photos inside. All of these photos and stills are professionally taken and are edited quite wonderfully. They are also all in hi res, with a resolution of 3000 x 2000. Since Amateur Dumb Fucks is part of the “My All Access Pass Network”, you will have access to other sites for free under the same label. Yes, with your membership, you will get twenty more sites to go with it, so that is twice, thrice, four times, even more, the fun.

Girls and Videos

Since AmateurDumbFucks houses tons of videos and scenes, the number of ladies they feature double in comparison, which is a really good thing. This site does not focus on a certain genre and they do tend to cover up all sorts of stuff. One thing for sure is that all of it is considered hardcore and I can certainly attest to that without question. All the content is exclusive, which I find really admirable because there are more than 150 scenes at present.

The video quality is not what you call entirely high definition but they are of decent quality and still pretty good. You can watch these videos via in browser Flash streaming, which will enable to you to skip ahead to your liking, in 320 x 240 pixel resolution. You may also download and save it in your PC or laptop in either MP4 or WMV format. The same 320 x 240 resolution applies to it. There seems to be no download limit and these are full-length videos that last for about 15 to 20 minutes.

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I’m not saying that this site could not be better because it could be, the potential seems pretty high and with a little vamping up here and there, I’m sure it’ll be one of the best. It has a rather unique feel to it, which is what drew me in. I am recommending this for the giggles, the entertainment, and the pleasure.

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